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Author: Muhammad Ulwan Shidqi A

How To Manage Data That Stored Online English Podcast – M Ulwan Shidqi A How To Manage Data That Stored Online Hello everyone, Today i am going to show you how to find out what data google store when you’re browsing the internet, the purpose of this video is just a reminder that what you do when you are online and using google products, your data traced, stored and analyzed. And just to make sure that everybody is aware about their own privacy and to make sure that they logged out their account after using a public computer.   Its not like google is using the data from you for anything illegal, though. If you are the type that really concern about your privacy, or you want to know what data you produce when you went online; you should look at this video. The first step is open your browser and then login to an account We are now at the main menu, here all the account control setting are placed. From here we go to the data & personalization, the button is on the upper left. Then in the activity and timeline section, click my activity. And now we are at the activity logs, here almost all your searching logs, position on the map, what site you log in, are stored here. You may be surprised that what you searched 5 years ago are still existing, even if you are really...

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Top 10 Popular Jobs In Game Industry English Podcast – M Ulwan Shidqi A   First of all, Try imagine a video game then divide it by its content and you will realize that game isn’t just about making playable things that moving around the screen. It contains graphic that appears on screen, music that simulate the game condition and environment, system that draw the rule and make things move around, script that define whats the game about, and so on. So that should be obvious in game industry, there are so many different jobs that interconnected in game making process until the game reaches your device right? Game Designer it may be obvious, but being a game developer means design and make the game as you want it. Coming up with your own concept that eventually become video games. Collaborate with other designers, writers, artists, programmers, and other roles and leading them towards the final build of the game should be enough to attract people for being a game designer. But this jobs demands creativity in making fun and playable games. It requires experiences in game developing career to understand technical and important minor things inside a game and also soft skill such as communicating skills. Job titles include game designer, lead director, and level designer. 2. Programmer and Software engineer Software engineer and programmer are the one that make the concept of the game become sensible to the computer, and...

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The Patient Cat – English Podcast – M Ulwan Shidqi A The Patient Cat by Laura Elizabeth Richards The Patient Cat was published in Ms. Richards’ collection of morality tales and poems, The Pig Brother and Other Fables and Stories (1881). Is it always wise to wait? Timing is everything in this feline morality tale. When the spotted cat first found the nest, there was nothing in it, for it was only just finished. So she said, “I will wait!” for she was a patient cat, and the summer was before her. She waited a week, and then she climbed up again to the top of the tree, and...

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