How To Manage Data That Stored Online

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to show you how to find out what data google store when you’re browsing the internet, the purpose of this video is just a reminder that what you do when you are online and using google products, your data traced, stored and analyzed. And just to make sure that everybody is aware about their own privacy and to make sure that they logged out their account after using a public computer.


Its not like google is using the data from you for anything illegal, though.
If you are the type that really concern about your privacy, or you want to know what data you produce when you went online; you should look at this video.

The first step is open your browser and then login to an account
We are now at the main menu, here all the account control setting are placed.
From here we go to the data & personalization, the button is on the upper left. Then in the activity and timeline section, click my activity.

And now we are at the activity logs, here almost all your searching logs, position on the map, what site you log in, are stored here. You may be surprised that what you searched 5 years ago are still existing, even if you are really sure that you’re already delete your browser history.

Fortunately, mine is clean because when I start using this account, I turn off the data collection. Just in case if you want to turn it off too, here is the step

Go back to the main menu; the account control, On the activity controls section, click manage your activity control

And then set the switch to pause for the type of data collection, make sure to read all the information that popped out and select pause. If you set the activity collection to off, you’re now not able to get recommended feeds from google, because without data you provide to google, google can’t know what you like to search, where have you been at, an so on.

So its up to you. You are the one that must take control of your privacy, and in this digital age, data can be analyzed and define what kind of person you really are. So be careful of what you do while online