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Author: Dicky Dwi Darmawan

How to Download Playlist Video on Youtube From PC or Android – English Podcast – Dicky Dwi Darmawan Downloading via Android : 1. You must download the Videoder. Or you can follow this link to download the application. 2. If the application have been downloaded, open it 3. You can sign in to your gmail account. 4. Then you click on the search column, then write what a youtube title do you want to download. 5. Next, open the playlist do you want to download, and click down arrow or download icon. 6. It will be opened the setting download window, that you can configure the amount of download video on playlist, resolution of the video, and the memory allocation of your video. 7. Then click on button in the right corner of your phone, that you can find the download icon again. So when you click on it, it will show you about the progress of your video was downloading. Downloading via PC : 1. Open youtube on your browsers, like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or internet explorer, etc do you have it. 2. Then click on search box, write the title do you want to download. 3. Then open the video, click on channel video, so you will find a interface of youtube account channel. 4. After that click on the playlist, choose one and open it. 5. When the youtube was opening, open the new tab by clicking plus icon in your browser...

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TOP 10 RACING GAME ENGLISH PODCAST – DICKY DWI DARMAWAN FORZA HORIZON Forza Horizon 4 retains almost everything that made Forza Horizon 3 the best racer in its class and bakes it into a game that doesn’t ever want you to stop playing. The stunning visual quality and sound design, the massive array of automobiles, and the extensive and completely customisable career mode that have become hallmarks of the Horizon series are all here. What’s new is just how much more effectively Forza Horizon 4 encourages us to return thanks to its shifting seasons, regularly refreshed challenges, and steady stream of rewards. There’s a glimpse of all four seasons during the four- to five-hour introduction phase, but once the prologue’s first “year” is over seasons will rotate weekly (online or offline). It’s been Autumn throughout the bulk of this review and it might just be my favourite season. There just seems to be so much detail, from the spectrum of colours in the trees as their leaves die off at different rates, to the soggy roadside puddles that persist in an environment that’s becoming too cool for them to evaporate. Winter is excellent, too. If you’ve played Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain, you’ll have a basic idea of what to expect. It’s not just the world turned white; the landscape takes on an entirely new identity. It’s gorgeous and I’ve enjoyed exploring it immensely. On Xbox One X...

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Aristotle – English Podcast – Dicky Dwi Darmawan

Aristotle Aristotle (384 BCE – 322 BCE) was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist, one of the prominent intellectuals of Western thought who greatly influenced or founded numerous disciplines including: logic, mathematics, physics, biology, botany, metaphysics, ethics, politics. Some may not know of his many contributions to the fields of theatre, dance, medicine and agriculture, as well. He earned the nickname “The Philosopher” given to him by Thomas Aquinas, who was responsible for adopting Aristotelian philosophy in the Christian West. Aristotle established the framework for who might be considered good, Aquinas told us why people should be good. Here’s a...

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