1. A Homemade TV Antenna From a Paperclip

Amazingly, it’s possible to receive pictures over the air with just a paperclip as a DIY TV antenna!

This will depend on signal strength, distance to the transmitter, and weather conditions, but

With favorable signal strength, transmitter distance, and weather conditions, you could be watching TV using a piece of common stationery!

As explained in the video, all that you need to do is unfold the paperclip into an L shape. Plug the shorter end into a coaxial cable, which is then connected to your TV.

Admittedly, that’s the easy bit. For this to work, you need a long cable to achieve roof-height elevation. In the video, YouTuber LaneVids hangs his cable in the attic, and takes the viewer down to his main TV. The picture is clear, if occasionally jerky—but this homemade TV antenna is only a few inches long!

It’s worth adding here that in some (albeit rare) cases, the paperclip may not even be required. Again, this depends on weather conditions, but some users have reported digital TV signals being received with only a cable.

While it must be pointed in the right direction, this might be all you need to receive a HDTV signal.

2. Card and Foil DIY TV Antenna

A slightly more elaborate option, this version of the DIY HDTV antenna should set you back less than $5. With over a million views, we reckon quite a few people are using this DIY TV antenna.

You’ll also need some PVA glue, a stapler, and some hot glue.

When you’re done, you should have a lightweight, box-like antenna ready to receive TV shows.

(While the $5 total is probably the bare minimum. If you already have most of the materials, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $10.)

3. “Fractal” Homemade Antenna

The build requires two printed copies of the template, each glued to a sheet of foil and cut out. In turn these should be glued to each side of the plastic sheet, making sure to line them up.

With the wires stapled or glued to the “legs” of the fractal design, connect the balun to the antenna. and your usual coaxial cable plugged in.

4. The Coat Hanger DIY TV Antenna

5. Big Bertha: DIY Antenna for Long Distance Reception

6. DIY Super Long Range TV Antenna