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Tips for Leveraging Data Quota for Productive Work from Home. (Photo: shutterstock)

Jakarta – The government has appealed for activities such as learning to be done online and work from home in the midst of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Indonesia.

Even though you are doing activities that are usually outside, but now at home, you can stay productive. Disciplining yourself when studying online and working from home is one of the keys.

Think of the House as a Class or Office.

The atmosphere at home with a classroom or office atmosphere is certainly very much different. It takes commitment to stay focused and disciplined in doing the task with all the disturbances that are at home.

Therefore, do activities as if they were in school/office by keeping the habit that is always done when studying or working.

Although these activities are carried out at home, you should be able to pay attention to the matter of hours of entry and return from work as usual.

Prepare the Right Tool.

To get maximum results in learning and working from home as it is currently being applied, work equipment has an important role to help productivity in the current conditions.

Prepare the work tools needed to help facilitate work, for example, laptops, portable hard disks, and communication devices and so on.

The availability of connectivity is very important in carrying out activities at home, especially if your work requires coordination with other employees.

Using the network provided by mobile operators who are qualified with experience in providing 4G data services is certainly a reference. This issue is offered by Smartfren through the 4G LTE network which recently presented a 1ON + starter pack, which is claimed to provide various benefits for its users. For example, super long active period and abundant bonus quota.

This starter pack, priced at Rp. 20 thousand, provides benefits, including customers who buy and activate a 1ON + Prime Card will get a starter card activation benefit of 0.5GB every month for 6 months with a total quota of 3GB. Then, for every top-up of IDR 10 thousand, customers will also get a weekly quota bonus with a total bonus quota of up to 13 GB for a year. The quota that all customers get is the main quota and can be used in all applications for chatting, video streaming and social media.

During work from home or studying at home, you can also join the #KuotaAntiWasWas Challenge with a variety of prizes ranging from Rp. 200,000 cash prizes, 1ON Prime Card + and Internet Data Vouchers.