The endless runner game is one part of the casual game genre, where in endless runner players are required to run as far as the challenges on each level, players also compete with each other to get the most score on this type of game.

1. alto’s Adventure
tells the story of alto’s adventures to save ilama, on his journey you will be taken through the snow, very beautiful hills and mountains with amazing graphics effects that makes this game very interesting to play.

2. Run or Die
With the impression of classic, this game reminds us of the 90’s games, such as Contra games etc. there is also the ability for the character to destroy the barrier in front. This game has many features such as 3 Playable Characters, over 170 handcrafted maps, Day & Night Cycle, Training Mode, Challenge Mode, A quick restart button that makes this game very interesting to play.

3. Glitch Dash
If you want to feel first hand the feeling of being at the end of death, then you must try this game. This game will make you cringe, you must avoid lasers and axes that target you in front, with hardcore gameplay, and abstract graphics make this game very interesting to play.

4. Hello Yogurt
This game is an endless runner game with a jump theme. Where bacteria and other body parts animate in extraordinaryn body from disease. So, to survive the harsh body environment, the user must jump & run and reach the intestine safely.
It features various stages, and more than 20 lactobacillus characters plus colorful land to enhance the gaming experience!

5. Snail Ride
In this snail ride game you will play a slug that has to run past plant stems with insect barriers and spines from plant stems, avoiding by changing the sides of the stem giving us a new impression, the mission in this game is to collect dew. With the many characters of snails and missions, make this game interesting to play

6. Alto’s Odyssey
This another Alto’s game which really thrills you with its windswept dunes and canyons. Here we need to explore hidden temples but wait a sec before that cross the vines, bounce atop hot air balloons, ride towering rock walls, and escape other mysterious places.

It features 180 goals, intuitive controls, dunes, canyons, temples, and other diverse landscape, dynamic lighting and weather effects like sandstorms and shooting stars, serene soundtrack

7. Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride is a 2D game with bullets powered jetpacks. The game has developed the same developers those did Fruit Ninja. The objective of the game to fly and save your self from the obstacles. At the same time collect the coins to increase the power of your Jetpack.

8. Blades of Brim
Unlike other endless runners that require you to run as far as possible, in the Blades of Brim you have to kill as many monsters as possible. This not only makes the Blades of Brim different, but also more exciting and full of action. The Blades of Brim also presents a path that is no less unique, namely with a number of changing paths, ranging from three to five lanes. Blades of Brim provide challenging gameplay variations. For those of you who don’t want to just run and run, you have to download this game right now.

9. Blocky Highway
in this endless runner game there are various kinds of cars that you can collect, while driving as far as possible you can also grab points by destroying other cars by riding a truck. with a very good control system makes this game interesting to play

10. Super Mario Run
Maybe we are familiar with the supermario game. with the plains, caves, haunted houses, airships, palaces, and provided 24 very interesting levels. Make this game interesting to play.