How To Fix Error Start MySQL on XAMPP

what is XAMPP ? XAMPP is software, can do a-lot operated system and can support many other thing. For example Apache, MySQL, FileZilla, Mercury and Tomcat. The Problem is, we install the XAMPP it’s actually work without any error condition. For example cannot start MySQL server. Now, i’m gonna show you how to fix error.

First solve is, re-install the XAMPP, follow the instruction correctly and then start it. if it doesn’t work go, restart your pc and re-open it again. There is gonna be a problem inside the XAMPP if still doesn’t work.

And it still doesn’t work, go to the config MySQL and select the my.ini. Now¬† you wanna change the port 3306 into something what you want for example : i change it into 3307. Then go to your browser and type “localhost” then check it if it’s worked.

The localhost works 100% sure but the MySQL phpmyadmin work or not ?. The only one thing we can make sure is working or not, is type “localhost/phpmyadmin” then check it. Still doesn’t work ? Do not worry about this one. Now you might wanna add server address. for example default “” into “” then check it. It will actually work.

And if it still doesn’t work yet ? Make sure you’re downloading the latest XAMPP and repeat the step from beginning

JUST QUICK NOTE : if you re-install XAMPP you will automatically delete htdoc. Which mean you are deleting your file. If you don’t wanna risk it DO NOT DELETE YOUR .htdoc. If it htdocs is the problem one. Unfortunately we have to delete it in order to fix MySQL.