Most people will panic when their smartphone is missing, so today i will show you how to find your missing smartphone

  1. Make sure that Gmail is connected between the lost smartphone and the device you will use to find the lost smartphone

2. Open your browser, then type find my device and click find my device

3. Select your lost smartphone device

In find my device there are 3 features: play sound, secure, delete the device and there is also a lost smartphone location

We can sound the sound of a smartphone that is lost even in silent mode, it will be very helpful if the smartphone is lost in the close range so that we can find out the location of the lost smartphone in a loud voice.

Safely, the device will automatically lock the smartphone and will display the message we typed. so that the person who finds it cannot access your smartphone and can provide information to contact you if the finder is not a thief

The last one is delete the device ;;;to delete all the data in your lost smartphone, so that the data on your smartphone will not be mis used and this feature is the last step if your smartphone is not found, because after deleting the device you will not be able to use find my device again

So thats all the feature of find my device and dont worry if your smartphone is missing thanks