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Author: Daegal Prayoga

How to Find Your Missing Phone – ENGLISH PODCAST – Daegal Prayoga Most people will panic when their smartphone is missing, so today i will show you how to find your missing smartphone Make sure that Gmail is connected between the lost smartphone and the device you will use to find the lost smartphone 2. Open your browser, then type find my device and click find my device 3. Select your lost smartphone device In find my device there are 3 features: play sound, secure, delete the device and there is also a lost smartphone location We can sound the sound of a smartphone that is lost even in silent...

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The Cat and The Old Rat – English Podcast – Daegal Prayoga The Cat And The Old Rat There was once a Cat who was so watchful, that a Mouse hardly dared show the tip of his whiskers for fear of being eaten alive. That Cat seemed to be everywhere at once with his claws all ready for a pounce. At last the Mice kept so closely to their dens, that the Cat saw he would have to use his wits well to catch one. So one day he climbed up on a shelf and hung from it, head downward, as if he were dead, holding himself up by clinging...

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