UI/UX design has the key role in helping designer to create a perfect iOS or Android mobile application. Before heading to the main part, we have to know what the UI/UX design is.

UX design refers to the term user experience design. User experience design is the process of development and improvement of quality interaction between a user and all facets of a company. While, UI design stands for user interface design. User interface design is a process of visually guiding the user through a product’s interface via interactive elements and across all sizes/platforms. So, both elements are crucial to a product and work closely together.

And now, this article lists up the top 10 mobile app interface designs in 2019 for your reference.

1.  YONO.MP3 mobile app — Music App

YONO.MP3 mobile app is a music app that allows users to listen to music and also check the radio.  It has really clean and catchy interfaces with a beautiful colors between red and black, which make it unique and fashionable!

The overlapping of photos, buttons and icons also makes it beautiful and comfortable for users. So, it is user-centered, beautiful and easy to use.

2. Watering Tracker App — Life App

Watering Tracker App is a mobile app that remind users of water plants and track watering stats for every plant It is suitable for people who love growing plants.

They have a fresh and attractive theme because its background photos and images of different plants under monitoring make the users have a good mood while using. This mobile app also offer the information about the plants condition, like humidity, temperature, light and more.

The black background with white and green icons or buttons can’t only blend with the main theme of greenery but also make this application more acceptable to users.

3. Listen Music — App

Listen is a music app prototype that aims at offering users unique and pleasant listening experiences even when they love different music styles. Its customized interface allows users to listen to music based on different moods.

Its royal blue background colors match perfectly with white words and photos. The smart and excellent interactions added to different elements there, it can often offer users a much smoother and pleasant experience. So, it is user-friendly and really worth trying.

4. NightOwl Coffee — Coffee Ordering App

Coffee Ordering App is a mobile app that can help users order and get hot coffees in different sizes and qualities quickly as desired.

Its cartoon coffee machine with beautiful colors and geometric graphic elements is really cute and beautiful. Its pure background decorated with simple gray graphics and yellow buttons makes it really clean and neat.


5. Roomframes App — Managing App

Roomframes app is an iOS app that can help people record and remember places that they have visited, especially the rooms where they have slept before and do not want to forget in the future.

It adopts several frame interfaces for users to add different places. And each place is allowed to add further dates, photos, descriptions and more details so that it could help remember everything unforgettable.

6. iOS App Slide Car — Life App

iOS App Slide Card is an iOS mobile application that can help users categorize, search and do business with cars.

It is designed with pure backgrounds and let users focus on car information, like car photos, prices, descriptions and owner information, etc. Its Search interface also enables users to find their desired cars with simple clicks. So, it is simple, clean and useful.

7. Karoline — Shopping App

Karoline is a mobile shopping app that enables users, especially female users, to search and buy pants, jackets, dresses and more clothes as they want.

Its pure pink background is really sweet and attractive. And also, icons and buttons are simple and easy for users to search for more details of different clothes based on their needs.

8. Space — Managing App

Space is a mobile application that allows users to manage life more effectively. They offered information based on users’ schedule, like traffic and weather information, in the morning, and offering theme and alarm sounds to suit different moods of users at night. Its blue color also lets users feel good and comfortable no matter whether they use it in the morning or at night.

9. QuickBee — Advertising App

QuickBee is a advertising app categorize that has offered life information for users in different categories, like cars, real estates, jobs, services, education and etc.

It stands out for clean designs and awesome colors. Simple and colorful buttons show diversified categories clearly and clean frames present popular trending and featured ads orderly. Its vector icons are also good and easy to understand. And it mainly consists of some useful screens, such as Login Screen, Explore Screen, Category Listing Screen and Detail Screen, etc.

10. Wallet — Financial App

It is a financial app that allows users to manage their money.

Its perfect color contrast and gradients are really unique and typical. Simple icons and colorful geometries make all interfaces simple and impressive.

Well, those are all 10 latest mobile app interface designs, hope you will make full use of them to improve your UI/UX design works.


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