In the current era, the sophistication of smartphone camera technology makes the results of the photos difficult to distinguish from digital cameras under certain conditions.

You who love photography but are limited by existing tools, you have to maximize the smartphone in your hand through the following tips.

1. Light is the main thing

The term photography means to paint with light. Make sure the conditions you’re photographing have sufficient lighting.

This is number 1 due to the limitations of the cellphone camera sensor whose size is smaller than a DSLR. Because of its small size, automatic ability to capture light is also less. Therefore we must outsmart it by shooting in a bright enough environment.

2. Choose an interesting photo object

How to make the unattractive look interesting? The answer is, find an interesting object from the beginning.

How to determine it? Expand to see the work of other photographers maybe stalk their IG timeline and study the objects they usually take. After that find your passion where. If you are interested in photographing sunset or sunrise, make it your main object.

3. Keep the object silent

One of the main advantages of DSLR cameras in shooting is the ability to frezee object at high speed.

This is different from a cellphone or smartphone camera which is somewhat less able to photograph moving objects. Therefore, in the selection of objects to be photographed try to keep the object silent.

4. Come closer to the object being photographed

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough – Robert Capa

There are many advantages that you can get if you want to get closer to the object being photographed. First is the bokeh effect on the background. Remember, one of the bokeh factors is the distance of the camera and the object being photographed. The second is that you don’t need to use a zoom camera which results are bad. Plus you can compose objects in all existing photo frames.

5. Hold a little until the camera has finished storing the photo

The time span of photographing on a smartphone that has a fairly long gap.

When the screen is pressed, the camera doesn’t take pictures right away plus sometimes the selected shutter time is slow enough so that it sways slightly the result is definitely blurry.

So if you want a good picture, be patient a little before checking the picture.

6. Angle is everything

Surely you know that the shooting angle is very influential on the results of the photo.

Likewise, when shooting with a cellphone camera. Pay attention to the angle you choose, at least you can already imagine what the picture will look like. 

7. Learn the composition of your photos, matching objects and backgrounds, colors, shapes, lines

The composition is complex to study, in photography we know the composition of the rule of third , golden ratio , spiral , pattern and much more.

To make it easier for you, when you are going to take photos, think again whether the background and the objects in the frame already look suitable or not. There is still a way to look even better.

Either an object is moved or you are moved, or clean the place of visible trash. Simple things like that are quite influential later.

8. Clean your smartphone lens

Unlike digital camera lenses that are equipped with a lens cap or lens cover, lenses on a smartphone certainly aren’t equipped with that kind of thing.

Even though using a protective case, the lens glass must be left open.

Therefore make it a habit to clean the lens before photographing, use a soft cloth such as cleaning glasses to clean from dirt or fingerprints that stick.

9. HDR mode in light contrast situations

In general, the HDR feature we can use when shooting in conditions with high contrast. For example, taking pictures in the afternoon but the object is in a dark part either because of the shade of trees or inside the cottage.

10. Create a photo story

One trick to make your photo look interesting and memorable is to make photo story telling. The point is that anyone who sees the photo that you take, can understand the meaning behind making the photo.

This trick will be interesting if you do it while traveling or traveling.

11. Instantly capture moments

This is closely related to the previous point that photos tell a story. So that a photo can display meaning or can be understood by others also depends on the moment that you take.

So that we readily grasp the moment, learn to pay attention to the situation around you. 

12. Take advantage of burst mode

In some types of smartphones provided burst mode or the option to take multiple photos simultaneously in a row.

So that the moment that you take can be recorded perfectly, do not hesitate to use this mode.

13. Editing

Don’t underestimate this editing process.

The essence of the editing process is so that your photos look even better. A good word here is of course very subjective, what do you think is good, not necessarily according to others alike.

A simple tip is to let the results of your photos look simple, because what is excessive is certainly the results are not good.

Some of the main things are cropping problems (for example making horizons appear straight), color correction, or light and dark photos.

Some photo applications that are quite famous and powerful for this are Photoshop mobile, VSCO, Snapseed and the like.

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