How to Post Instagram Feed in PC

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Hello, everybody! How’s life? In this precious chance, I will guide you how to Change Desktop to Android Mode in PC. Actually this video is talk about How to Post Instagram Feed in PC. We will prove that we can Post a picture in Instagram with it. Why? Because we’ve familiar to post it with android, right? And usually we’ve to move our picture from PC to a mobile to get a post with it. But how about making a post with PC? So, check these out.

  1. First, prepare what you’ll need. PC, Google Chrome, and an Instagram account.
  2. Then, open your PC and run your Google Chrome.
  3. Next, type in address bar in chrome as your web browser
  4. What you should do next and the key is click the three point sign in the right side of the chrome. It is the customize and control google chrome pane. Once you click that, the chrome layer will be refreshed and changed into android mode. You can change the type of layer or the kind of phone that you like there.
  5. Then click more tools -> developer tools.
  6. After that, input your username and password to login.
  7. If you have logged in, choose what you want to do. For example to make a post, step is click the “plus” button at the centre of the instagram layer, and start to upload your photo and caption there.

Okay.. that’s all about how to Upload Instagram Post in PC. So easy and simple, right? Thank you for watching my video and see you..