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Author: Raka Arya Pratama

Top 10 Gaming Mouse – English Podcast – Raka Arya Pratama TOP 10 GAMING MOUSE Rexus Xierra G3 Designed with a symmetrical shape and come with ten thousand clicks, Rexus Xierra G3 can be used by anyone, both for right-handed users and left-handed users. One feature of this mouse is it has 1000DPI and there is an additional 30grams of weight inside the mouse so that it can make it easier to control the mouse while playing, this mouse is also had a antislip so it suitable for those who playing game for long time. This mouse has a very cheap price.   Rexus Xiera S5 Aviator Wireless mouse usually requires a lot of energy in the form of a battery to operate it. This mouse has a unique feature that is auto power saving so you can save more power. With 2 AAA batteries as a resource, this mouse is suitable for you with high hours of playing games. In addition, this mouse also uses a plug and play system so you can directly set up DPI without having to install certain drivers. This mouse also has 6 buttons on the front side, the button that have a unique structure on the front end to reduce obstacles when the button is pressed. Easy to use, you can play games more comfortably. Logitech G600 There are 20 buttons on the Logitech G600 mouse that will make it easier for...

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The Night Came Slowly – English Podcast – Raka Arya Pratama The Night Came Slowly by Kate Chopin I am losing my interest in human beings; in the significance of their lives and their actions. Some one has said it is better to study one man than ten books. I want neither books nor men; they make me suffer. Can one of them talk to me like the night – the Summer night? Like the stars or the caressing wind? The night came slowly, softly, as I lay out there under the maple tree. It came creeping, creeping stealthily out of the valley, thinking I did not notice. And the...

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