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Author: Ilham Agung Riyadi

Top 10 Android Adventure Games – English Podcast – Ilham Agung Riyadi Top 10 android adventure games The wolf among us One of the best Telltale game who ever made with a great storyline. Basicly the gameplay is when you control the big bad wolf and it’s hunts a killer throught the streets of fabletown. Don’t let the dream fool of you, this game have a big consequences based on your decisions. The impact not only comes to you it can be happen to who still live or who dies. 80 Days One of the most funny game,it’s take from a novel, this game takes place in an 1872, in...

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The Tongue-Cut Sparrow – English Podcast – Ilham Agung Riyadi The Tongue-Cut Sparrow by Grace James Once upon a time there was an old man who lived all alone. And there was an old woman who lived all alone. The old man was merry and kind and gentle, with a good word and a smile for all the world. The old woman was sour and sad, as cross a patch as could be found in all the country-side. She grumbled and growled for ever, and would not so much as pass the time of day with respectable folk. The old man had a pet sparrow that he kept as...

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