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Author: Muhammad Farhan Irfani

Top 10 Board Game – english podcast – muhammad farhan irfani Gloomhaven Gloomhaven is a legacy, campaign style, dungeon crawler board game where players take on roles of wondering fantasy characters and develop them throughout their careers.   The game comes with 95 campaigns in a box that will easily take over 100 hours to complete. This is probably one of the very few board games to unlikely require an expansion anytime soon.   Teamwork is at the heart of the Gloomgaven. It encourages players to stand together against evils of menacing dungeons and forgotten ruins.   As the game advances, players improve their abilities and skills with experience and loot. They explore new locations and carve their unique way through the amazing storytelling by making decisions that determine their path and adventure going forward.   One of the main objectives of the game, besides completing scenarios and campaigns, are personal hero quests. Each hero can take on small personal ventures in parallel with the main storyline. Completing personal quests allow additional characters to enter play and provide variety and more strategic options.   There are two main game areas, the city of Gloomhaven and the scenario itself. In the city of Gloomhaven, players are able to manage their party, level-up characters, buy or sell items, select new action cards, donate money to obtain blessing or complete city events.   The scenario area represents dungeons where players fight monsters, complete quests, and achieve scenario objectives. This...

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How The Moon Became Beautiful – English Podcast – Muhammad Farhan Irfani The Moon is very beautiful with his round, bright face which shines with soft and gentle light on all the world of man. But once there was a time when he was not so beautiful as he is now. Six thousand years ago the face of the Moon became changed in a single night. Before that time his face had been so dark and gloomy that no one liked to look at him, and for this reason he was always very sad. One day he complained to the flowers and to the stars—for they were the only things...

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