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Author: Muhammad Rizal Fauzi Wahyu P

Tutorial how to connect to the database using PHP – Muhammad Rizal Fauzi – Student Podcast PHP is one of the popular programming languages, in Indonesia, the programming language is often the first language taught in high school or college to study server-side scripting. Generally, PHP programming languages ​​are often used to build a website, but with PHP development itself which has now reached version 7, it allows us to build an API service that can also be used to improve the quality of website and game services that allow players to store their data inside the server. In this tutorial, I use Linux as my operating system and use PHP version 7.2.5. First, make sure you have installed Apache and MySql and have created a database that we will connect to, here I have created a database named mahasiswa. Next, open the text editor that we normally use, here I use vs code and type the code below: <?php $hostname=”localhost”; $username=”your database username”; $password=”your database password”; $database=”your database name”; $conn=mysqli_connect($hostname,$username,$password,$database); $query=”SELECT*FROM mahasiswa”; $result=mysqli_query($conn,$query); $rows=[]; while($row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) $rows[]=$row; return$rows;...

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Top 10 endless runner games for mobile The endless runner game is one part of the casual game genre, where in endless runner players are required to run as far as the challenges on each level, players also compete with each other to get the most score on this type of game. 1. alto’s Adventure tells the story of alto’s adventures to save ilama, on his journey you will be taken through the snow, very beautiful hills and mountains with amazing graphics effects that makes this game very interesting to play. 2. Run or Die With the impression of classic, this game reminds us of the 90’s games, such as Contra games etc. there is also the ability for the character to destroy the barrier in front. This game has many features such as 3 Playable Characters, over 170 handcrafted maps, Day & Night Cycle, Training Mode, Challenge Mode, A quick restart button that makes this game very interesting to play. 3. Glitch Dash If you want to feel first hand the feeling of being at the end of death, then you must try this game. This game will make you cringe, you must avoid lasers and axes that target you in front, with hardcore gameplay, and abstract graphics make this game very interesting to play. 4. Hello Yogurt This game is an endless runner game with a jump theme. Where bacteria and other body...

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