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The Covid-19 epidemic are going rampant in indonesia, forcing its people to be more in applying social distancing. Schools, universities, and also tourist attraction are being closed, even companies had to make their employees work from home, although working from home, working productivity and fluency must be maintained, right?

If you used to conduct meetings directly in the office, now the meeting is moving to the online system with an application. For your convenience, you can choose these 5 applications to conduct online meetings with your colleagues in the office. Let’s see the review!

1. Skype

Through Skype, you can make video calls with up to 50 people. The time limit of one video call is 4 hours, with a maximum of 10 hours per day. If you don’t want to lose the contents of the meeting, you can record the calls from start to finish.

2. Zoom

Similar with Skype, Zoom also makes it easy for you to make video calls with up to 25 people in the free version. One of the advantages of Zoom is the screen sharing feature that allows you to show your computer screen to others.

You can display material in the form of slides, journals, books, and others. However, in free version mode the meeting will last for 40 minutes only and If the time is up, you have to start a meeting again.

The unique thing about Zoom is that you can change the background when doing a video call with pictures of various places, such as in London, rice fields, space, and others.

3. GoToMeetings

As the name implies, you can use GoToMeetings to hold meetings online. This app have video call and screen sharing features, In free version mode of this app the user limit of a meeting is 3 people

4. Google Hangout

With Google Hangout you can have a meeting with up to 250 people. It’s suitable, for you who want to go online with all your friends! Similar to other applications, Google Hangout also has video call and screen sharing feature.

5. Join.me

Although Its not so popularin Indonesia, join.me can be your choice in conducting online meetings. Join.Me also has a feature that allows users to join via telephone or VoIP numbers. Also, this application allows you to send files and share screens.

Now, which application do you want to try?. When working from home, hopefully your spirit is maintained and don’t forget to always maintain your health!