What is Adobe Illustrator?

Hello everyone, this is Zira. Actually this is my first podcast on English so, you know what will happen if amature do something they never do before haha. Today, I will talking about Adobe Illustrator, yes you hear me right, Adobe Illustator. For you who don’t know what it is, adobe illustrator is some kind of software that helps you draw digitaly. Adobe illustrator was developed and launched by Adobe Inc. The same company that made Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Affect and Adobe premiere back in 1987. Wow its been more that three dacades this adobe illustrator running from one compiter to another computer.

Technically, you can make logos, textual styles, presentations,yes, everything that graphic designer can make in sequential order and numerical pictures, posters, and flex, as this is a vector-based program so the pictures can be made regardless of size. By the way, I was mentioning about vector based picture. What is that?. So, vector based program or vector graphic is artwork made up of points, lines, and curves that are based upon mathematical equations, rather than a solid colored square pixels.

What is adventages of Adobe Illustrator and why you should use them to work on your graphic design project. First of all, It has some readymade tools which give you a variety of shapes.You can make a banner of any size start from small dot till large flex. Importing, editing and modifying of images can be done within one platform. It is comfortable if it is used simultaneously with the other product of Adobe. It has shortcut button like other product of Adobe. So you can work easily on this apps.

This advantages of Adobe Illustrator cost you a subscription for either the individual application or for the suite of applications included in the Creative Cloud ( creative cloud is set of application that made by Adobe Inc) . The individual Adobe Illustrator app can be licensed for $19.99 per month on a monthly basis, or $17.99 per month with an annual subscription. Fees for accessing the entire Creative Cloud app are $49 per month with customers using a pre-paid plan receiving a 20 percent discount.

Experting on Adobe illustrator is easy, you just need to practice a lot so you can get used to it. Why is it important to being an expert on using Adobe illustrator. Like I said earlier. Adobe Illustrator have so many advantages that can helps you with your project on graphic designing . You can see so many tutorial on internet about how to increase your skills on Adobe Illustrator.

And that’s it, that’s all about Adobe Illustrator I can tell. If you interested on using Adobe Illustrator, you can start your free trial now and see what you can do with the adventages it offer you to feel. Enough for today, thank you for listen to my podcast, my first podcast. Have a great good day and see you next time everyone. Bye.