A presentation explaining about payment trends statistic in Indonesia by Etasa Karenisa (2103181003/ 2 D3 ITA 2018).

People used to only pay things by cash payments but nowadays people tend to do that with non-cash payments. But of all places in the world, are people now using non-cash payments only because of its’ efficiency? Well, not all countries in the world are already using non-cash payments only. Take a few example of differences based on developed and developing countries. What kind of country does the society prefer using non-cash payments more than cash payments? This video presents the explanation by statistic graph.

Module Source: “Retail Payments in Indonesia” – KPMG Siddharta Advisory – January 2017
Module Link: kpmg.com/id

Video Source: https://youtu.be/i_fE4Tpod1o