Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

My name is Nur Imamatul Ummah, in here I’ll tell you “How To Combine Video and Audio Recorder with Format Factory”. Before of that I’ll tell you what’s the meaning of Format Factory.

Format Factory is a powerful file conversion tool with a surprisingly extensive feature list.The program doesn’t just convert video files from one format to another, for instance – it also comes with built-in presets that will, at a click, create videos for a host of mobile devices. These include the iPhone, iPod and iPad and hardware by companies including Archos, ASUS, Creative, and more.

You also get strong audio file conversion options, including the ability to convert any music files to MP3, WMA, FLAC and more

Ok, Let’s Start

  1. The first step is :
    Make sure that you have this application in your device. If you don’t have this application, you can download it on Google.
  2. The second step is:
    Open your application. After starting format factory, you will have this menu (Audio,Video,Picture,Document, Room Device and Utilities.If you want to combine video and audio recorder you can choice “Utilities”
  3. The next step, you will add your video and audio. (This is for video and this is for audio). You can see Output Setting and you can select the file extension that you want to join as MP4/MKV. I’ll use MP4
  4. In add file part, select files needing to be joined. And I’ll add my video and audio
  5. At this time, the screen of Audio Joiner will temporarily disappear and we return to the main interface of the program and Click to Startfor the program to start joining files together.


  1. After Clicking to Start, you only need to wait for several minutes. Do go out, you will see your product.
    Wait for minutes, and if your video is finish you’ll get this notification