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Author: Etasa Karenisa

2103181003 (Etasa Karenisa) – How to Enhance Your PC Volume Without Speakers!

  Hello, people! So in this video I’m going to tell you an app to enhance the volume speakers for your laptops or computers, so this will be really helpful you if you didn’t bring your speakers with you or maybe you don’t have speakers. Steps: 1. Open any browser that installed on your PC. 2. Type on the search bar and find fxsound free download. 3. Click on the first link that showing up. 4. Click on the Download Now. 5. Save it on any directory that u like, click save. 6. Close your browser and then click on the file explorer and look for the downloaded app set up. 7. Click on the set up application and then finish the installing, 8. Click on the volume button on the taskbar and then make sure that the playback device is DFX speakers. 9. Enjoy! Click on the video for fuller explanation, thank you! Thank’s also to...

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Payment Trends Statistic in Indonesia

A presentation explaining about payment trends statistic in Indonesia by Etasa Karenisa (2103181003/ 2 D3 ITA 2018). People used to only pay things by cash payments but nowadays people tend to do that with non-cash payments. But of all places in the world, are people now using non-cash payments only because of its’ efficiency? Well, not all countries in the world are already using non-cash payments only. Take a few example of differences based on developed and developing countries. What kind of country does the society prefer using non-cash payments more than cash payments? This video presents the explanation by statistic graph. Module Source: “Retail Payments in Indonesia” – KPMG Siddharta Advisory – January 2017 Module Link: Video Source:...

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