Hello my name is Tasya Fatwa Audina. I,m here to tell you a tutorial how to make 3D isometric text effect in Adobe Illustrator.

Okay, let’s do it.

So begin by opening up adobe illustrator and creat a new document, and than type out your chosen wording and set the font with the type tool and scale it to a suitable size. Next, copy your text whatever you want. After copy your text, edit your text with double click on the text. Okay, after that select All your text with select tool. Add an outline to the text, set the thickness on the stroke weight.

Let’s edit your text with select your first word and choose effect menu and than click 3D option and choose rotate. here you can manage the rotation of your text. Next, click preview to find out the changes. Manage the rotation of every word as you like. After you have already done manage the rotate, set the text position as you want. And than select your word and open effect menu, afther that click “distort and transform” and choose transform option.

Applying the transform effect (move and copy) that make the text will look layered. Next, in order that your text seems plated, fill the copies column as you like. Arrange the shadow direction to manage the thickness by increase or decrease “move” in vertical and horizontal direction, and the last you can set the texts position again if that’s not appropriate, use arrow keys to move the texts.

Apply color to the text to make it attractive. You can apply it to wall decorations, design your own custom clothes, cover, etc.

hope you enjoy it, and thank you 🙂