Hafidh Novanto

tutorial using audacity

First, make sure Audacity is installed on your laptop

okay, now, open audacity and import one audio by dragging the file icon into the audacity window

then in the audacity window there are some basic features like play stop pause and many others

this time we will make 10 seconds of audio

how to make sure first that the sound can come out through your speaker
then stop audio, click at the beginning of the part you want to make the audio 10’s starting point. then zoom in the waveform to show the timeline per second
then hold down the shift key, click 10 seconds on the right side of the cursor, this is similar to when you select the text range on Microsoft Office

then press the spacebar to listen to the audio you selected, this play back automatically stops at the end of your choice
but you can also set the beginning or end by swiping right or left using the cursor
after that, re-confirm the audio by pressing the play button and if enough, stop your playback. then remove the audio part except the one selected with
select edit menu> remove specal> audio trim

then you can export it.

thank you for watching this video .. babay