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Author: Hafidh Setyo Novanto

How to Trim Audio Using Audacity – English Podcast – Hafidh Setyo Hafidh Novanto tutorial using audacity First, make sure Audacity is installed on your laptop okay, now, open audacity and import one audio by dragging the file icon into the audacity window then in the audacity window there are some basic features like play stop pause and many others this time we will make 10 seconds of audio how to make sure first that the sound can come out through your speaker then stop audio, click at the beginning of the part you want to make the audio 10’s starting point. then zoom in the waveform to show...

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Top 10 Camera – English Podcast – Hafidh Setyo Top 10 Camera , reviewed from Techradar Nikon Z6 Is this a Nikon’s triumph ? This is a pretty serious rival for Sony A7 Mark 3, even though the product launch is rather late on the market. Even so, this Nikon product carries a many of features and performance improvements at a sloping price compared to Sony cameras. Nikon Z6 carries a full-frame sensor, 24.5 MP resolution, 12 fps burst for continuous shooting with 273-point AF systems and many other features make this product suitable for professional photographers Nikon D850 quite old but amazing if you have a thick wallet, and are looking for a DSLR camera at an ordinary price, this Nikon D850 is the right product, with a full-frame sensor and 45.4 MP resolution, of course it will produce good image quality. Nikon D850 features 9 fps burst shooting speed and 153-point AF system, this device is still very amazing even though it’s under the Nikon Z6 Fujifilm X100F Like a art, classic design. a classic camera with a retro style. this camera uses 35mm focal length combined with APS-C sensor and 24.3 MP resolution. This camera is made for those who like to feel the weight and manual control like a traditional camera. only certain people like this camera because it is relatively special. Nikon D3500 This is suitable for beginner, not expensive Nikon D3500...

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The Cock and The Fox – English Podcast – Hafidh Setyo Novanto   The cock and the fox One bright evening as the sun was sinking on a glorious world a wise old Cock flew into a tree to roost. Before he composed himself to rest, he flapped his wings three times and crowed loudly. But just as he was about to put his head under his wing, his beady eyes caught a flash of red and a glimpse of a long pointed nose, and there just below him stood Master Fox. “Have you heard the wonderful news?” cried the Fox in a very joyful and excited manner. “What news?”...

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