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Author: Wifda Muna Fatihia

How to Post Instagram Feed in PC-English Podcast-Wifda Muna Fatihia

How to Post Instagram Feed in PC Hello, everybody! How’s life? In this precious chance, I will guide you how to Change Desktop to Android Mode in PC. Actually this video is talk about How to Post Instagram Feed in PC. We will prove that we can Post a picture in Instagram with it. Why? Because we’ve familiar to post it with android, right? And usually we’ve to move our picture from PC to a mobile to get a post with it. But how about making a post with PC? So, check these out. First, prepare what you’ll need....

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TOP 10 Websites to Learn Coding for Free-English Podcast-Wifda Muna Fatihia

Top 10 Websites to Learn Coding for Free TOP 10 Websites to Learn Coding for Free   Source: Nowadays, you can learn how to code online, and free. Even if you don’t have passion in development field, learning a programming languages can bring benefits for you: –> Helping you to manage websites in better way. –> Prove your confidence to code by yourself for your own project. –> Making projects or building applications and websites in easier way. It’s up to you to have a career in programming, as a learning to improve your skill to build websites, or...

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THUMBELINA A long time ago and far, far away an old woman was sitting in her rocking chair thinking how happy she would be if she had a child. Then, she heard a knock at the door and opened it. A lady was standing there and she said, “If you let me in, I will grant you a wish.” The old woman let the woman in firstly because she felt pity, secondly because she knew what she’d wish for…a child. After she washed the lady up and fed her, she saw that she was really beautiful. The lady slept...

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