Top ten Animation Software


  1. Pencil 2d

This software is perfect for newbie animators.With this software, one can easily switch from simple Bitmap images to high end Vector images. One can sketch, ink and paint and even create rendered background images with it. Due to its ease of use, it is quite popular for creating anime style animation.


2.Synfig studio

This software in particular helps the animator to explore and create ‘bones’ in the model of the character that they are creating. This additional feature is useful as it makes the character have a professional touch.


  1. Bryce 7 pro

This software has a many features like people, sceneries, wildlife characters, with just a few clicks. In fact, features such as landscape, clouds, rocks, water, sky, vegetation, fog and composition of all with the pre created background occurs seamlessly.


  1. Clara.KO

This software has Polygonal modeling and skeletal animation becomes easy as pie, simply because the professionals behind Clara know what their end customer requires. Sub object editing, while keeping tabs on subdivision surfaces including the extensive range of mesh instruments and operators is not something that is offered by just anyone.


  1. Blender

Blender has features include cloth texturing, blending of lights and VFX along with a horde of multiple animation options makes it a favorite of many.  In fact, its online community is filled to the gills with professional animators, VFX experts, game developers, students, artists and hobbyist.


  1. Aurora 3d

this software is especially famous for web designing purposes and for creating titles or logos. To further enhance the animation one has created, this software has a key feature which is a must use and that is embedding a watermark.


  1. Modo

Simulation tools are not easy to use. One needs to be hyper aware of each and every facet that is being animated at the same time. Hence, with the launch of MODO, one can be assured of getting the best visual effects with the least amount of worry.


  1. Houdini FX

This software offers its users the basic features such as texturing, modeling, animation and adds on extra features that aren’t available with other 3D enabled software. Creation of Wire frame, cloth, fur, crowds and liquids including the waves are easily done with Houdini VX.


  1. Stykz animation

With Stykz, one gets exactly what has been promised in the product’s name. Stick figure animations along with Onion skin features allows for seamless animation tweaking from the first frame to the last.


  1. Autodesk Maya

This software is a must for all those who want to create the most professional 3D animation right on their home PC. A word of caution. Like all magic, there is no end to the many ways it can surprise you.


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