Rin,a seventeen year-old-girl who lives her daily life locked in a virtual world she controls via a tablet. The possibilities of her world are as limitless as her imagination – in one moment bright green meadows and a gentle breeze allow Rin to run carefree, in another scenario Rin walks on water over a pond in  a bamboo field, and yet, in another, Rin stays warm inside an open glass home while it snows outside and an aurora brightens the night sky.

Everything is not well for Rin though. Since embarking into this virtual land over two-thousand  five-hundred thirty-nine days ago, she’s never received a communication from another soul, leading to an unsurprising sigh as each day begins. In one simulation, the virtual world breaks down when Rin touches a swing, and she suddenly remembers the past buried in her memories. Over the ensuing nearly forty days, the memories continue to haunt young Rin – and her virtual worlds start to create themselves in tune with her memories.

The now-realized suppressed memories flood back an overwhelm Rin with sadness and fear, furthering her internal struggle with loneliness. As time passes, Rin comes to realize that love, and the desire to protect something precious, both lend strength to her journey. Rin overcomes the grief with a will to realize the truth of her situation and how she can be strong.


Shelter – The story of Rin from Porter Robinson and Madeon