1.StarCraft: Brood War
When it is often said that StarCraft Original lacked in balance between races, StarCraft Brood War is the one that brought the balance to game. With thousands of players after 10 years of the game release, Brood War is considered as the biggest game in the whole industry. There is no forced gameplay here, it stands in a balanced level with no competitor.
So why was Brood War considered so great? Compared to the other RTS games, Brood War had many and more interesting unit interactions. Next point is it had more dynamic gameplay on the battlefield & less boring attack move. The game itself offered things for both hardcore and casual player. The game design rewarded higher skilled players, but a strong custom-map community also gave much entertainment for casual player.
2.Company of Heroes
Focusing in tactics and strategy like what people have said, Company of Heroes carried a quality not quantity. Carrying World War II backstory, it has amazing quality cutting edge graphics accompanied by amazing sound. This game simply one of the most amazing World Wide II RTS for its realistic and great graphic. It gave an awesome game experience for its player.
3.Age of Empires II
Compared to all of the Age of Empires series, most of the players would shout out, agreeing that AoE II stands on top. This game is said to be the true definition of RTS game as it gave us a variety of gameplay that most RTS games lack. Boasting 13 civilizations with each unique units and abilities, it comes up with variety that changes player’s approach to strategy with each civilization. The seeded map makes the game more exciting and unpredictable for the random position of resources or even enemies and dangers. This meant the players have to come up with strategies on the spot.
True to be said that it had great graphic for its time release, but most of players still consider AoE II’s graphic is superior these years for the smooth gameplay and uncluttered feel. Further more, the game can be played as Player vs Player and Player against Computer! When you can feel the adrenaline of playing against another human being’s brain, you can also excite yourself with playing against computer using 1 vs 6 hardest civilization.
4.Age of Empires III
Now, here is another Age of Empires member to introduce. Age of Empire III ranked in fourth place, only one step behind AoE II. It is said that the only reason for its defeat against AoE II is that the game had jaw dropping graphics. It took greater machine to run the game, many people could play it unless all the affects were turned off. Aside of that, AoE III also had an easy to learn gameplay. It is willing to hug both pros and newcomers of AoE Series.
Every second counts when it comes to gathering resources, defending and attacking. Picking well units for battles, or even building locations may influence your victory. Each civilizations can be very dangerous if you play it well, the thing is that it takes time to know how to play a civilization. People just can’t stop playing this game.
5.WarCraft III
Fifth place, we have WarCraft III to show now. Let the people said, it has good map editor. A good handy map editor to create very good mods. This game may not be as revolutionary as StarCraft, however it is one of the most unique RTS game of all time. Highly differentiated factions and heroes introduction adds a new dynamic to traditional Strategy game. With additional features such as the superb system and the accessible yet powerful world editor make WarCraft III a transcending classic. Top that off with what is one of the greatest storylines in gaming, and WarCraft III definitely deserves the title of ‘best RTS game’.
6.Supreme Commander
Believing that Supreme Commander is a good RTS game, here come the list for the reasons. Lets talk about the gameplay first. There are 4 different factions, each having their own units and structures. Each faction has at least 30 different units player can use to defeat enemies. Next, we can move on to the graphic now. If you have the grapics on a higher setting, they are pretty good. There is also a strategic zoom feature that allows the players to see and analyze the battlefield much quicker and see it from different view.
7.Total Annihilation
Said to be the first RTS game to display 3D generated unit, the game also gave terrain which can block any fired shots. This game also known as the game that features a lot of sea units. Serving an epic online battle, Total Annihilation allows its players to share their resources and strategies. Each player of the team can play their part, whether play in farming part or concentrating on defense and attack. Another point is, simple economy and ease to play with levels of tech to build up to. Wonderful list of units and the community add on’s gave this game tons of play time.
8.Empire Earth
We often found that most of the RTS games could be finished within 30 minutes, but in Empire Earth we can play till our fingers shaking. The game itself may last for hours or even days. The game also has 15 epochs while in average RTS games only have no more than 4 epochs. Empire Earth captures all ages to come and show off their strategy at the art of war against the others. So much thought was put to balanced the unit’s strengths or weakness. So much fun to play.
9.StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Back to StarCraft, we now have StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty ranked number 9. The first time we play, we may say that the game is simple, but as the time goes by the more complicated it gets. There are so many differences and uniqueness for each strategies, then you build and attack and hope for faster result than the other players. Next, players can bunch up their units. Seems trivial but different than the other RTS games. Players can control the units easily so they follow the objectives. Never ending possibilities and bug-fixes, make the game never gets old.
10.The Lord of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth
Another simple yet stunning RTS game we have in number 10. The Lord of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth has races distinct units and abilities which balance the all out and make every game wide open for anyone playing. The game itself is very accurate to the movies campaign and heroes. At one moment, players can go from being attacked by archers to have a Balrog knocking down their gates and destroying everything, this game gets crazy fast. If you’re looking for an RTS that focuses on combat and units more than city building give this game a try.