Hello and welcome to my video, my name is Adrian and we are counting down my picks for the top 10 party video games. For this list I’ll be looking for the most funny party video games that you can play on console or PC to play with family or friends.

Number 10

Death Squared

One of the deadliest co-op puzzle games ever made, Death Squared sees you guide a set of fragile cubes through a series of deadly tests. The puzzles themselves can be quite clever and it’ll usually take a few tries as you and friends accidentally and inevitably end up killing each other, over and over again.

Number 9


Never has there been a party game so graceful and comical as Starwhal. Playing as narwhal in space, you’ll often find yourself in a beautiful dance of death, chasing each other across 2D neon space maps trying to pierce one another with your deadly horns.

Number 8

Monster prom

It is a multiplayer game on the dating sim genre, Monster Prom puts you up against your friends as you each try to find a date for the monster high school prom. The writing is deliciously funny and with hundreds of unique scenarios there is a ton of replayability. You can derail your friends and even attempt to seduce the same character.

Number 7

VIDEOBALL is a party game for players who love thinking up tight strategies and clever moves to outwit their opponents – and then mashing buttons when all that collapses in on itself and you need to defend your goal at all costs. With punchy tunes and quirky announcers accompanying every match, VIDEOBALL is a blast.

Number 6

Move Or Die

Move or Die is a game where you and your friends have to keep moving, or you’ll perish if you stand still for too long. Additionally, every 20 seconds the mechanics of the game change, forcing you to adapt constantly. Be ready for a frenzied time and crazy moment-to-moment action.

Number 5


Screen-cheating’ has always been a part of the party game experience – but what if there was a game in which you had to screencheat to win? Armed with wacky weapons, Screencheat is a multiplayer shooter where everyone is invisible and you have to look at their screen to find where they are and take them out.

Number 4


So it’s like a racing game except there is no a finish line. It’s like you run in loops around the map as the screen gets smaller and smaller and it becomes more and more intense. But this is also kind of like mario kart anyways because you also got these random pickups and you have like grappling hooks, missiles, grenade, and stuff and it is just kinda crazy and fun. So it’s kind a survival racing game? Honestly it’s kind of hard to describe, you just have to see the gampelay. Speedrunner, it’s own unique special little snowflakes in their game.

Number 3

Ultimate Chicken Horse

A deadly party platformer in which you need to navigate several hazardous levels whilst deploying traps to slow your friends down. Ultimate Chicken Horse can even be fun when everyone is failing, because at least you’re failing together.

Number 2

Push Me Pull You

Push Me Pull You is as about as wacky as they come as you and your partner, joined at the waist, share a single wormy, human body and must wrestle other humanoid people to win control of a ball. If that sounds unapologetically weird, that’s because it is. It’s a hilariously strange game about working together and being the best wormy-sports-ball-person you can be.

Number 1

If you very like party games, then this game should be an easy guess for you. This is Gang Beast. Gang beast is so good, this game is just fun. Gang Beasts is a game as silly as it looks. You and friends take control of odd colored people wearing strange costumes trying to throw one another out of whatever arena you find yourself in. Whether you’re brawling on a blimp, in a train station or a boxing ring, the goal remains the same and the antics that ensue each round always ensure a good.

If you really like party games, then this game should be on your own game list, because this games is such fun and chaotic, and maybe not so like the competitive game because how random it is but it just so enlighten the mood.


So that is top ten party games by my pick. Hope you like and enjoy my video. Thanks for watching and See you next time.