1. The ultimate Dragonball Z experience.
The previous releases of the Dragonball’s game series have been plagued by bad gameplay and an overly cell-shaded aesthetic for the graphic itself,
but Dragonball FighterZ is the game fans will want to get their hands on. With a very interesting storyline, smooth transitional of gameplay, and superb fantastic art style. Though the multiplayer is lacking a bit with its matchmaking algorithm, there’s still enough content packed into Dragonball FighterZ to keep you occupied for a lengthy amount of time.

2. Kicking the year off, Monster Hunter World made its way to fans that waiting to super fun RPG games. Its tactical, almost Souls-style gameplay makes every move very very crucial to survival, make you always need a strategy whatever you wanna fight with. The Capcom product runs well on the PS4 with amazing graphics and acceptable framerate drop, one thing that good about this game is even the game is hard to learn but still you can really enjoy it.

3. Shadow of the Colossus was a quiet beast for a decade and a half. You take control of Wander and ride across a forgotten expanse to defeat Colossi. Its initial release in 2005 saw near-perfect reviews and it’s a blessing to have this title come to current gen consoles. I hope there are more remake games that works beautifully like this.

4. Much unlike The Witcher and Skyrim, Kingdom Come: Deliverance have one unique gameplay system, because mostly RPG games using 3rd person view for the game but this one using first person view. With weighty combat and defensive moves, Kingdom Come strives to bring the most realistic medieval experience to video game fans all over the world.

5. The Real-Time Strategy returns to PC with upgraded graphics and a heavy dose of nostalgia. Most everything in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition still like the old schools. You’re still building a civilization to conquer a procedurally generated landscape via force and diplomacy. Very nostalgic game, because it’s rare now to find a “new game” like this in PC, hope it’s never end

6. An ambitious title from relatively new developers, Hazelight, A Way Out puts the player into a split-screen that so rare to find for a story based games, dialogue-driven story of prison life, escape and survival. The story is told strictly through a split-screen experience. You got to try it with your friend’s and find “A Way Out”

7. The Far Cry series has seen its ups and downs (Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal). One of the best game of 2018 that have a super beautiful graphics that you can enjoy when you playing this game.

8. The winner of Game Of The Year 2018, here it is God Of War. It’s very nostalgic that we can see Kratos again with 3rd person viewing angle now, and in this game he is not alone anymore, he adventure with his son, for gameplay it’s refreshing than the older God of War and of course the graphics it’s beautiful. But remember it’s PS4 exclusive, so buy PS4 now.

9. A sleeper hit of 2018, Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice brings real-world issues into a virtual world. The story unfolds as you battle your inner demons and put past trauma to rest in a landscape of nightmares.

10. Who said that a good game should focus on their fighting, action or gameplay mechanics? Quantic Dream succeed to make a beautiful game with focus on storyline, this game is all about your choice your rule, whatever you have done in a scene sometime gonna affect your next chapter