Modern science and technology has been providing us with varieties of newer and smarter products one after another over the last decade and Virtual Reality shortly known as VR is one of the most fascinating addition to this list. Have a look, Top 10 VR headsets  and find out which one suits you the most.

  1. HTC Vive

HTC Vive is indisputably one of the best products that offer the most comprehensive VR experience to the users. In addition to the two base stations to be used for tracking the movement of the headset the device also includes a couple of motion controllers inside the box. And they really provide more engaging experience compared to traditional controllers.


  1. Sony PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is definitely a quality VR available at an affordable price. The most remarkable thing is that it is neither too pricey itself nor it requires expensive high end gaming PCs to run it. The device equips only one camera in place of two it is a bit difficult for the VR to keep track of you properly in case walk around


  1. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift demands a high end gaming PC to gather the required power for generating the two 1080*1200 resolution of images for the headset. Oculus Rift offers a performance which is far superior to Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard or PlayStation VR.


  1. Samsung Gear VR

The new Samsung Gear VR is quite identical to its predessor Note 4 Gear VR except fot the size and weight. Yes its is smaller and lighter. The straps are made more comfertable in addition and playing games can also be highly exciting


  1. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a most simply designed low cost fuss-free solution meant for converting a simple device into one which can facilitate watching VR contents. And as suggested by the name itself it is just a piece of cardboard with a couple of powerful lenses inside it.


  1. LG 360 VR

LG 360 VR is different from the other VR systems discussed so far in terms of its tethering abilities. It is made is shape of a pair of glasses which we are found to wear very often. Thus it is better than other VR headsets as you don’t need to carry a bulky device on your face throughout the time

  1. Google Daydream

With no requirement for any additional computer and inconvenient wires or tethering Daydream is perfectly a mobile VR device. It is quite similar to Samsung Gear VR in terms of designing concept but different in other aspects. While the VR Gear is an all-plastic shell the case is largely different with Daydream which is created with soft cushy cloth along with foam innards making it one of the most comfy VR headsets so far.


  1. Microsoft HoloLens

Unlike most of the headset in this list (except for the LG 360 VR) HoloLens is fairly diminutive and lightweight. But apart from its wearing comforts there are more significant aspects of it. There is no cable attachment so you are free to move around without any fear of being tripped over. Moreover it actually drifts over your face instead of resting on your nose offering you an extremely comfortable wearing experience.


  1. Sulon Q

Sulon Q is so some extent similar to the HoloLens in terms of its non-attachment with any wired connectivity as it is a standalone unit that processes the images itself and hence requires no PC or a smartphone to be connected with. It can run DirectX 12 as well as Vulcan graphics APIs offering very high performing visuals.


  1. Homido Virtual Reality Headset

The most exciting and advantageous thing about Homido VR Headset is that it has been wisely designed in a way so as to allow any smartphone to work with it. It utilizes the concept as used in Google Cardboard. Homido has got the app of its own called Homido Center which guides you regarding the use of the VR headset.


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