The 10 best action  game  for PC



  1. Watch dog

First is Game Watch dog because it is an open world game where the game has a high graphic and is a game that has multigenre besides this game can also change outfits. This game tells the story of a hacker where the game’s mission is to defeat the enemy by getting help from breaking into or taking over technology.

  1. Assasins creed : odyssey

This game tells someone who kills his enemy by stealth if found out then the exp will be reduced or the mission will fail, this game also includes open world games but this game themed the romance era of this game can also upgrade or change the data to the it is better and can also replace the outfit, this game also provides two characters namely women and men so you can choose it and this game can also choose an answer when there are questions that will be asked by MPC in the game in the sense when choosing an answer then also he made a decision.


  1. Grand Theft Auto : V


The third is Grand Theft Auto: V or commonly abbreviated as GTA V with high graphing games and also games that have freedom where we can arbitrarily do anything in the world this game also includes open world this game tells where the main character is 4 and even then it can change character according to its mission and each of the 4 characters has its own advantages and also the outfit is different, each character gets a different mission and also the quality of the game is amazing because compared to the game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

  1. Apex Legend

The Apex game is a new output game that can now top the game in its own category because of its cool graphics and game design and the Apex game has a very far comparison compared to other games because of its different game designs and skills from different heroes, and Also this game is now a favorite game, fighting in the arena by using firing weapons and cool skills – cool, this game is quite great because it has just been released to reach the top and can attract the attention of gamers, this game also includes online games that can be gambled and unite in one team with other people.

  1. Battlefield : V


The fifth is the Battlefield game: V with a great graphic in the game, namely war against rebels and destroying it, this game is pretty cool because war games have a little modernity with sophisticated weapons and players can only play with one character who has been determined every mission different and also can replace the armor to a better one before the game.

  1. Monster Hunter : World

This game which is an open world is a game that tells of a hero whose enemies are monsters and this game can also be played online. This game can also change outfits where the outfit has its own advantages and a weapon even though it is not online when you get the mission to defeat Your monsters also get help from MPC to make it easier to beat, and this game also includes fantasy because life in gamena is much different as with real life and this game also has very good control when played, and the design is stunning besides that desai game that can attract attention to play it.


  1. For Honor


Game for honor is a game that tells a war in antiquity about a royal war where the design game and control is very good and also this game has a high graphic as if it would be a reality where when the player missions are provided a charater must win and echo this group also training us to regulate the two strategies of warfare in the past to capture an enemy kingdom.


  1. Anthem


The game is modern and has sophisticated technology to kill robots – evil robots and players will be assisted by 3 other people who have different skills each character with the help of a high graphic This game can attract the attention of gamers especially plus the design and place of the game Wow …


  1. Infamous : Second Son

A game that is played by gamers because the cool game that can emit power and model the open world coupled with the design game that is very amazing only this game lacks to choose a character that is different strength when carrying out its mission with its strength he defeated the enemy enemies and places a slightly different one that is more stunning than this real world place.


  1. Jump Force


The game that is celebrated for combat gamers who use characters from anime anime and cartoon cartoons in this game is good graphics and the effect that makes it look real plus this game has a different way even this cartoon game which is not actiom genre can be made by this game with the style of fighters and about the arena design that is wide enough for battles 3 vs 3 which can be done alternately.