10 best drawing and illustration software


Back then when we wanted to draw or illustrate something, we used pencil, pen, and crayon to draw it on a piece of paper or on a sketchbook.

But as time goes by, people do all their activities in digital platform, including this drawing and illustrating activity. Drawing digitally is very beneficial and practical. The example is when you want to share your work to an instagram or tumbler, you don’t have to transform it to digital with a scanner, then if there’s a part of the work that is wrong, you don’t need to bother removing it with an eraser, all editing activities are very easy with drawing and illustration software. Here are 10 best drawing and illustration software for your work:

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC

This is the most trusted and used brand by artists and designers in all around the world throughout decades. Photoshop has got it’s reputation for the most creative software which makes editing and drawing easy and simplified. You can use this software to make a websites, logos, icons, banners and bring your creativity to life. This is the best software for beginners to start editing through interactive templates and time-saving tools. It works on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac devices.


  1. Autodesk Sketchbook

This software is filled with lots of brushes to explore and experiment with, Autodesk SketchBook offers multi-platform support for architects, designers and professionals. If you are not a beginner and have worked on many different software but want to improve and experiment your creativity, then this is the best illustration software for you.

This software filled with more than 140 pre-designed brushes, an interface that isn’t messy, and the ability to add layers to images. It works on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac devices and gives you the option to play and import your own brush into the program.


  1. Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a perfect platform for students, artists and novice designers. It has a special brush and supports third party applications and hardware. It provides a variety of creative software packages and a cross platform application. The ‘thick paint’ feature of the best illustration software allows you to produce some very authentic masterpieces.

However, this program offers many brushes along with the ability to make your own personal brush. You can connect Painter with other programs such as Photoshop and other. It’s available on Mac and Windows.


  1. CorelDraw

CorelDRaw is one of the most popular and trusted illustration and graphics tools that allows you to work and explore your creativity. The USP of this software is a newly launched LiveSketch vector tool that produces images like artificial intelligence-guided drawing. This tool adjusts and corrects scratches drawn from the hand and intelligently assimilates with other vector curves.


With this tool, CorelDRAW has taken virtual images to the next level, where you can really feel the image. Both Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology have been incorporated into a tool that brings your imagination up in seconds and with a more realistic and natural appearance. This application is only available for Windows .


  1. Artweaver

This easy-to-use program comes with several collaborative features. This is one of the oldest painting software with lots of pencils and features to choose from. Make a work with flexible interfaces and if you are a beginner, then you should start exploring from this software.


An amazing brush system that can be configured in nature allows you to choose from a variety of brushes and adjust as needed. If you work on an art project collaboratively, this software can be useful because it allows you to share documents with other partners. This can record your work and therefore help you in the workflow. However, this software is only available for Windows but at a very cheap price.


  1. Artrage

ArtRage is the best illustration software for smartphones and desktops. Don’t be confused with the Hobbyist application because both are the same application. ArtRage was launched as a Hobbyist and later the company changed its name and added some professional features to the software.


Now, this applications have become more sophisticated and available for Mac and Windows. A flexible interface was recently launched along with various painting and editing tools. You can also customize the brush as needed and the image editing effect tool allows you to add shadows, highlight, melt, and arise effects on the image.


  1. Rebelle

This software was developed and produced by an artist named Peter Blaskovic, who wanted to make images more flexible and interactive. With unlimited customization options and the ability to show creativity in wet, dry, watercolor and acrylic modes, this application is better known as “one of a kind paint software”.


The development of this program was accidental and intentional because the creator was developed this program as part of his experimental drawing project. He planned to develop a drawing platform that is easy to use and can also use natural painting tools. Some of the features highlighted from this application are wet diffusion and drying techniques, realistic color mixing, and lots of watercolors, acrylics, inks, and pastel paints.


  1. Inkscape

The only free and open source program on this list is Inkscape which offers reliability and many features. You can produce vector graphics on Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, it does not have several features that are available in the paid software. But still, this program is strong enough to be used every day.


Some of the best features that recently launched are gradient mesh, interactive alignment for Pencil tools, new path effects, improved SVG2 and CSS3 support, and “Object dialog” for direct management of all drawing components.


  1. GIMP

This is free software is available for Windows, Mac, GNU / Linux, and other operating systems. This open-source program is community-based and aims to support the community with free drawing software. with several customization options and 3rd party plugins, this software provides an opportunity for every designer, artist, illustrator, and novice photographer to increase their productivity.

Its amazing tools and features provide a superior framework for scripted picture modification. Also, this program supports multi-languages ​​such as C, C ++, Python, Perl, Schemes, and others. GIMP provides high-quality color management features to produce highly reliable color simulations on various platforms. You can also use other free applications like Inkscape, Scribus, and SwatchBooker.


  1. PaintTool SAI

If you can’t afford high-priced software and still want to learn to sketch virtually, then you can use this software. With customization options and high flexibility, PaintTool SAI is a great alternative. It can replace Photoshop or high-end software but still, it’s worth a try.


Some features of this program are complete digitizer support with pressure, remarkable anti-aliased drawings, very precise composition with 16-bit ARGB channels and a simple but powerful user interface that is easy to learn. Also, the software fully supports Intel MMX Technology and provides data protection features to avoid irregular stoppages.


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