±This microphone will create some near-studio recording quality due to its tri-capsule technology and 4 available pattern settings (you also get some customizing with these settings). These features make it the best computer microphone because you can easily and flexibly record music, vocals, podcasts, interviews — easily adapting to individual needs with this single mic. It comes with controls for pattern selection, headphone volume, microphone gain and instant mute all on the front of the unit for some easy access. The Blue Yeti is considered by us as one of the best microphones for computers thanks to its versatility and super clear audio quality.

9. Samson Go Mic

±This is a plug and play mic, which means you can merely attach it to a PC or Mac (assuming they have a USB port of course) and start using it immediately – no drivers needed. You can use it for recording vocals, music and podcasts, Skype calls, or really anything (aside from perhaps professional music recording) which really makes it a versatile and capable microphone for a lot our readers. It’s also a bit cheaper than the Yeti so if you’re willing to sacrifice customizing options as well as some audio quality, check this one out

8. Razer Seiren Elite

±In terms of the mic build, it comes with an aluminum stabilizing base which is excellent for recording and streaming in different situations and surroundings — it definitely won’t be breaking on you easily. Like the Yeti, the Seiren Elite allows you to use four different polar pattern recording configurations thanks to three custom tuned condenser capsules inside of the unit. The Razer Seiren Elite is one of the best computer microphones out there, especially when it comes to gaming. This is because Razer is an obvious heavy-hitter in the gaming gear market, but also due to its ability at covering our recommended necessities computer mics: versatility when it comes to uses, great audio quality, USB connectivity, stable build. and a built-in stand for out-of-the-box usage

7. Floureon BM-800

±This is an excellent condenser microphone that will actually exceed the needs of an average user if you were looking to save some cash in your search for the best microphone for your computer. It is a condenser mic that comes with a shock mount (helps to reduce mic vibration and extra noise) in the package. It comes with very low self-noise and nifty cardioid pattern, which makes it an ideal choice for acoustic instrument recording, online chats, broadcasting, and VoIP.

6. Shure MV5

±This mic is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality USB condenser microphone that has the versatility to record audio, instruments, podcasting, video chatting and more. As seen in the photo, there is also a convenient stand, and the box also comes with lightning and USB cables for easy connectivity in different settings.It’s a little cheaper than the Yeti, so if you wanted a different option yet similar build and quality while saving a few bucks on top of it, this is a great option to consider

5. Blue ICE

±A side from the previously listed Go Mic, we’d choose this as one of our top picks for best budget-friendly computer mics in the market today. It’s powered by a cardioid condenser capsule and will deliver some suitable quality of sound in different settings – smaller voice-over uses, podcasts, chats and even gaming. What stands out about this one is the size, included desk-stand as well unique look. It doesn’t have any control on the unit and the polar patterns aren’t interchangeable, but if you can get by that, you can save some money here. The Blue iCE is another one of the best computer microphones by Blue, and it’s a great option if you are looking for a reliable, smaller-sized and self-sustaining USB condenser computer microphone

4. Syba CL-ME-606

±The Syba CL-ME-606 is considered the best option thanks to its ability to do only what we want and also offer a sleek and durable design. This omnidirectional condenser microphone is portable and simple to use; it comes with a convenient plug and play feature, which means you can use it on different devices without the need to download any additional drivers or software

3. Samson Meteor

±This model comes with one of the biggest diaphragms (25 mm) of all USB microphones in the market. The Meteor mic has a clean frequency response and cardioid pickup pattern which ensures some clear recording quality. In the box, you’re getting a USB cable and a plug and play feature, which means you can use it anywhere and on every IOS, Android and Mac device. The front of the unit also has a volume control, which is super convenient as many would agree.

2.Tonor TN12326

±Here we have another fan-favorite for mics that appeal to those on a strict budget. It comes with a simple plug and play option and a 3.5 mm stereo plug that fits the majority of laptops and computers. You’re not getting USB connectivity with this one, but if you were able to use a 3.5 mm instead, it’s going to help you save a few bucks. The cardioid pickup pattern and clear frequency response will deliver excellent quality of recording sound in a variety of settings, such as voice calls and  Skype chat

1. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio

±This is an obvious package that may be perfect if you’re in need of some headphones and an audio interface alongside your microphone. It will reliably and with high clarity record voice, instrumental, and chats. Although we still recommend browsing our other guides if you’re into music production and recording, this is a solid options for beginners and starters.

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