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Author: Arsya Gioni Mahardhika


Hello guys my name is Arsya Gioni today im gonna show you how to create a facebook account just for a few minutes.   1. all you need to do is open the browser in your laptop/your computer 2.type or just click facebook icon in hompage. 3.  fill out the form 4. connect your gmail to get a friends 5. done ! your facebook account is ready to use   Here my Video = Video  ...

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Top 10 Best Computer Microphones in the Market-ENGLISH PODCAST 2-Arsya Gioni M

10. BLUE YETI ±This microphone will create some near-studio recording quality due to its tri-capsule technology and 4 available pattern settings (you also get some customizing with these settings). These features make it the best computer microphone because you can easily and flexibly record music, vocals, podcasts, interviews — easily adapting to individual needs with this single mic. It comes with controls for pattern selection, headphone volume, microphone gain and instant mute all on the front of the unit for some easy access. The Blue Yeti is considered by us as one of the best microphones for computers thanks to its versatility and super clear audio quality. 9. Samson Go Mic ±This is a plug and play mic, which means you can merely attach it to a PC or Mac (assuming they have a USB port of course) and start using it immediately – no drivers needed. You can use it for recording vocals, music and podcasts, Skype calls, or really anything (aside from perhaps professional music recording) which really makes it a versatile and capable microphone for a lot our readers. It’s also a bit cheaper than the Yeti so if you’re willing to sacrifice customizing options as well as some audio quality, check this one out 8. Razer Seiren Elite ±In terms of the mic build, it comes with an aluminum stabilizing base which is excellent for recording and streaming in different situations and surroundings...

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Bruce and the Spider – English Podcast – Arsya Gioni Mahardhika Bruce and the Spider by James Baldwin There was once a king of Scotland whose name was Robert Bruce. He had need to be both brave and wise, for the times in which he lived were wild and rude. The King of England was at war with him, and had led a great army into Scotland to drive him out of the land. Battle after battle had been fought. Six times had Bruce led his brave little army against his foes; and six times had his men been beaten, and driven into flight. At last his army was scattered,...

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