10. Spore
Spore is a game which allows the player to create their own world. In the game the player can create and evolve life, they can advance by creating their own tribes, establish civilisations, and ultimately create their own world. Almost every aspect of the game is customizable, these include the creatures, buildings, vehicles, and even space ships.
We can create it from scratch, begins with a single cell into a full grown creature, we also can create our creature as we want it to be.

9. Police Force 2
Police Force 2 is the sequel to the successful police simulation game Police Force. The purpose of the game is to act as a police officer and make the streets of the city a safer place to stay. The player takes on several assignments faced by police officers in real life to ensure the safety of the citizens in a metropolitan city. The goal of this game is become the best police in town, you can do anything just like the police in real life.

8. Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Flight Simulator is one of the most realistic flight simulation games in the world. Although the game was made in 2006, it is still a very relevant game as it has very realistic features. The game allows the player to control several forms of aircrafts, ranging from a helicopter to a commercial plane. There’s a lot of mission you can choose and play, the gamplay itself is super immersive.

7. Farming Simulator
Farming Simulator 15 is the latest addition to the series. This game is one of the best games that simulates a farming environment. Although games like Farmville are some of the more popular farming games, they do not offer the depth and graphics of the series. This game provide you hundreds of farming tools and vehicles you can choose from.

6. Silent Hunter III
Silent Hunter III is a submarine simulation game, the game’s predecessor was considered to be one of the best submarine emulating games until this was made. This game too takes place in the World War II time period. This game based on trus naval war story in world war II, so you can feel immerse while playing this game.

5. IL-2 Sturmovik
This game is one of the best flight simulator games that allow you to fly during the World War II time period. The pilot can engage in several missions which involves air-to-air, air-to-ground, search & destroy and escort missions. The game also has a feature which allows several players to play against each other over LAN. There’s a lot of plane type you can choose from, just like the real life.

4. Train Simulator
Train Simulator 2015, is very similar to its predecessor. The game is fun for players who enjoy railways as you can control trains from various parts of the world. The game also features an editor which allows the player to create their own train, routes and tasks. All you do in this game is working like a real life machinist.

3. Foootbal Manager
Football Manager is one of the best games in terms of managing a football club. Unlike FIFA manager mode, in Football Manager the player has control over every aspect of the club. During a match, the player gets to decide who plays, who’s on bench, and who gets subbed on or off. The manager is also in complete control of the tactics and formations being used.

2. Sims 4
Sims 4 is the newest game in the Sims series. This game is fundamentally the same as Sims 3 and has no revolutionary changes in gameplay. In the new Sims game the characters goal is to set up a Sim family and provide their material, as well as mental needs. Although creating a family is the ultimate goal of the game, the player can do whatever they want during in the game and isn’t forced down one path. Its feature character personality and intelligent AI.

1. Euro Truck Simulator 2
Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the second instalment to the series. The game is largely focused on driving a truck across Europe where you have to maintain your vehicle, as well as deliver cargo from one place to another. You earn money by delivering the cargo to the location, the sooner you deliver the higher your reward. This game has super detailed truck models and location across America.