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  1. Abu Moo Collection – $400 each, $2400 total.

Developer Abu Moo has taken the expensive to a whole new level. Instead of creating one “expensive app”, he uploaded a series of six applications on Play Store each with a price tag of $400. These apps are simply the name of precious gems. Collecting all six would cost you about as much as a bike. What are the features of these apps? Nothing! They are just a widget that shows the gem on your home screen.


  1. The Most Expensive App – $400.

Yet another funny app that does nothing, except showing a diamond on your device display. The screenshot on the Play store doesn’t show the diamond instead, it displays a text “you’ll see a shiny diamond here”.


  1. Im Rich$ – $384.99. three hundred eighty four dollars

The app does nothing other than wasting your money. Still, we have to include this, in the list as it’s available on Google play store. It is very much similar to all other “I’m rich” type of apps,  and all you get’s a luxury diamond image.


  1. Super Color Runner – $200.

Super Color Runner is one of the most expensive games you can get it on Google Play. It’s an endless runner game where you have four paths to run and switch among them to pick up energy pellets and batteries in order to stay alive. Every second you either get closer to death, or closer to prosperity and evolving to the next level of play. The graphical interface is very simple and it will run perfectly fine on low cost phones. According to me, spending 200 bucks for this game would be insane.


  1. Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus – $200.

The application has been designed during the FIFA World Cup 2010; no update since then. What it does? Well, it helps you annoy anyone around you with the World Cup Horn. Just shake the device to begin horn and shake it again to stop it. You can also touch and hold the screen when your team scores to hear the announcer scream. That’s all.


  1. Most Expensive Android Widget – $199.

A totally useful widget that   a lot of money. Don’t accept any service from this app. It will sit your homescreen displaying “Most Expensive Android Widget” so that people viewing your home screen know how much wealthy you are.


  1. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics – $143.99.

The app-book is designed by MedHand Mobile Libraries to recognize, diagnose and manage genetic conditions more effectively. It is a complete set of medical calculator that includes peak expiratory flows, body mass index and dehydration correction calculator. It comes with a powerful search feature with a broader emphasis on imaging and molecular diagnoses.


  1. The Atlas of Internal Medicine – $129.99.

The app is a mega-collection of over 2,000 high quality clinical, morphologic, radiological and laboratory pictures, which represent the signs of common disorders. It allows accurate and fast visual diagnosis of more than 200 internal medicine conditions. No internet connection is required to view the app. You can easily navigate while browsing the content and searching for topics.


  1. Destinator 9 – Western Europe – $99.99.

Destinator offers turn-by-turn navigation solution. It has a simple user interface, rich map content in 2d and 3d views, and a few innovative features such as TapNGo, StickyPOI, integrated weather, online search powered by Google and robust voice guided system.


  1. Mobile Accessibility US – $99

Mobile Accessibility US has been designed for blind and people having low vision. It helps them interact with their Android device in a simple way and more efficiently. The app focuses on few main smartphone functions such as Contacts, Phone, Alarm, SMS, Email, Web, Calendar, GPS, Apps and Settings which are manipulated in a special way. Moreover, it has a speech recognition system for easy input and voice synthesis will read the text located under finger. Unlike other apps, people actually buy this one and it has got 3.6 rating on App Store.