My Top 10 Video Game for Playstation 2


Hello everyone, my name is Ilham Sugeng Prayogi, this time I will give a list of the 10 best games ever released for the PlayStation 2 console, this list is subjective from my experience playing PlayStation 2 games, so what are you waiting for, let’s start



  • Gran Turismo 4

There are lots of racing games circulating for the PlayStation 2 console, and each series has its own characteristics. One of the most famous racing game series and becoming a racing game icon for the PlayStation console is Gran Turismo, a series that has been around since the PS1 became a very phenomenal game and different from other racing games. In this fourth series, Gran Turismo offers a more realistic racing game gameplay where it is the advantage and uniqueness of this series that relies heavily on this Racing Simulation. More roasting from cars that can be used also, the career mode system that is also made more realistic makes this game a racing game that is very complete and of course, the most realistic of its time.

  • Silent Hill 2

A horror game that is very famous with Psychological Horror is a series that has a very large fanbase, and what makes the name of this game so big is the second series of the title Silent Hill. Many consider that the second series is the best of this series, aspects such as terrible enemies, the atmosphere of the game is very intense, and many other things. That makes this game able to send an amazing horror game experience at that time. then also not many games those articulate various topics that are still taboo such as Child abuse and various other taboo things into a game, that’s what makes this game so memorable.

  • Tekken 5

The genre of fighting games is a genre that is very popular today, including the PlayStation 2, and many fighting games were released for this console. However, of the many games, the most famous titles and of course the best are Tekken with the fifth series. All the wishes of Fighting gamers at that time were in this game, where the character Balancing system was good, the ranking system like that used in Virtua Fighter 4, and also a system where we could customize the characters to look like what we want. The story in this game is also very interesting, making this game the most complete and up-to-date Fighting game at that time.

  • Shadow of the Colossus

A game that requires players to conquer 16 giant creatures with various strategies that must be used to do so, this is the core of this game. Maybe when the beginning of this game is played it will feel a very empty world, there are not many NPCs, be it, friends or opponents, there are only characters that the player moves and must fight various giant creatures that you have to find where they are. Even so, this game becomes a very amazing game, both in terms of gameplay, stories, graphics, and various other things. Fighting with giants is also a mystery that must be broken down by the players, where the mysteries will form a very good story and are remembered by the players at that time. The point is this game offers a different experience to bring a story to the players, making it very unique and different from other games.

This is what makes this game who call it one of the best games ever released on the PlayStation and the gaming world.


  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Hideo Kojima’s genius for concocting a game with a typically heavy and extraordinary story like Hollywood movie is undoubtedly included in this third Metal Gear Solid series. This game became a very unique and memorable game for PlayStation 2 gamers at the time, stories that focused on Solid Snake who had to fight one of the most iconic Boss, Big Boss with the setting in the 1960s when the cold war became a game that made the name Hideo Kojima became even more famous. The stealth gameplay that is typical of the MGS series is combined with a story that is so emotional and ends with a most memorable boss fight, making this game a masterpiece ever released in the gaming industry.


  • Bully

Rockstar’s developer name is a name that is very familiar to gamers, so sensational game developers who often release various highly controversial games such as the GTA and Manhunt series. Bully is one sensational game made by Rockstar, where in this game players will play a boy who is still in school and the boy is a delinquent. A lot of good things are in this game, and that’s what makes this game blocked in some countries. However, it was the various controversies that made this game so successful at the time, a game that was out of the box and probably never thought of by other developers to make schools full of delinquents a fun and very exciting game to play. The open world experience of this game is also very much felt, the gameplay that impressed with the story of school children is very interesting to follow, making this game one of the best and most remembered Playstation 2 games.

  • Final Fantasy X

This series became the first series of Final Fantasy which was released for the PlayStation 2 platform, various new gameplay injections such as changing Active time Battle System into Turn-based Battle system and making it still presents an intense battle, various features from previous Final fantasy were also still present, like world map, and various other things, which make old fans also very happy to play this game. A very good story, with an element of romance that is so thick compared to other FF series, the various plot twist that makes curious players will end the story, and of course, the most remembered is how the end of this game’s story is very emotional and very surprising. This game became one of the best series of Final Fantasy which became an early sign of a new generation of Final Fantasy franchise.


  • Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil is the most well-known series of survival horror games to date, it is inseparable from the many new breakthroughs that Capcom always presents for these series of games, which makes this series continue to improve. One of the best Resident Evil series ever released is this fourth series, where in this series a variety of new breakthroughs presented by Capcom have become a lot of imitations and standards for various games, not only games with horror genres but also various other genres. One of the mechanics that is becoming the new standard for the gaming world is Over the shoulder camera, making this game different from the previous series, as the existing melee combo also helps the player, the atmosphere of new horrors from new enemies that are far more intelligent than zombies is also felt this game. A good story is also one of the advantages of this game, various surprises that occur make the players want to continue playing it.


  • God of war 2

After the emergence of the first successful series of God of War, many fans who thought the sequel of this series will be released for the PlayStation 3 console. However, Santa Monica Studio gave a surprise to the gamers at the time, where God of War 2 will be released on the PlayStation. 2 with only 2 years from the prequel. God of War 2 comes with an action element that is far more bloody, exciting, big, and better than the previous series. In this series game also introduces various new mechanics for the God of war series such as the swing that makes Kratos able to use the rope to swing and pass through various obstacles, Kratos can also fly using wings taken from Icarus, and various other things. The story taken from this second series is a few moments after the end of the story from the first series, here we will control Kratos who is ambitious to destroy Olympus and defeat Zeus. This game will take us to explore Greek mythology, where we will adventure in a world full of monsters and we must fight it to achieve the ultimate goal of Olympus. Gameplay is very exciting and very sadistic, with a variety of very Epic Combat, the Quick Time Event presented is also very fun and exciting, and various other extraordinary aspects make this game one of the games that must be played by gamers. This game can be the top of the list if the game at the top of the list has never been released.



Finally we arrived at number 1 of the best games released on the Playstation 2, then who managed to occupy this throne?



  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A masterpiece of concoction from one sensational game developer, Rockstar games, the big name of GTA has actually been heard since the Vice City series, but it was the San Andreas series that made it a phenomenal series and became one of the most successful video games of all time. Rockstar’s improvisation for this series is truly extraordinary, the world is so vast, the Open-world system that can make us explore the vast world according to our wishes, a world that is rich and alive, a variety of normal activities we can do to add a realistic impression such as eating, drinking, sports, and others. Not only that, there are a lot of vehicles that we can use in playing this game, not just limited to cars and bicycles, but it can be up to combat aircraft, tanks, and various vehicles that can be included in one game. Various Easter Eggs that are deliberately placed by the Developer also add to the interesting impression of this game. Story is also one of the important factors that make this game superior to others, the stories presented are very good with a slow but interesting phase to continue to follow, character development is done slowly on each character to make the stories presented continue to be arranged neatly, there are various characters that are also very memorable for the players of this game. The freedom to do anything offered by this game is the main advantage of this series, this game will make the players who play it will want to continue playing it, even though they have finished the storyline. This game will still be the best game ever released for the PlayStation 2, with a variety of revolutionary features in its time, and the most important is the feeling of negativity offered by this game, making this game will continue to be played until the current era.