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YouTube TV is giving all of its subscribers 30 days of free EPIX.

The offer automatically started on March 26, and will last through April 25. Giving you a month of free content from EPIX. Which is a premium network that normally costs $5.99 per month.

This is going to give you loads of movies and original series to watch, while you #StayHome.

What content comes with EPIX?

EPIX is known for the movies that it offers on its network. And it does have a lot of newer movies. Including What Men Want, The Hustle, The Avengers, Thor, Nobody’s Fool, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Fighting With My Family, Instant Family, among many more. These are just a few of the many movie titles available on EPIX.

There are also 21 Bond movies available to watch on EPIX, so if you’re a big James Bond fan, this is a great offer.

EPIX also has many original series like Pennyworth, Slow Burn, or Belgravia, which is premiering on April 12. Among many more. So there’s plenty to watch on EPIX, and it is now included for free. So you might as well take advantage of it.

What’s the catch?

There is none.

YouTube TV says that, “EPIX will be added and removed from your service with no action needed on your part. And, not to worry, we will not automatically bill you for EPIX after this time. You can add it back if you like it but that’s totally up to you.”

So you won’t need to worry about canceling before the 30 days are up, so you don’t get charged the extra $5.99 per month for it. Which is a really good move on YouTube TV’s part. As it shows that YouTube TV is really trying to offer more content and not sucker you in to pay more.

YouTube TV is just one of many streaming services that are offering free content for everyone to use, while they stay home. Plex is offering free Live TV – that normally requires Plex Pass. While Sling TV is offering an extended 14-day free trial on its Sling Blue package – and no credit card info is required!

Many other streaming services will likely come out with some free content that we can all consume, while we stay home during this pandemic. Which is always good to see, as many of us are starting to get bored already. Good on these services for making these things free for a limited time without automatically charging us once the limited time is up.

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