1. Use the best HP according to your ability
  2. Understand Photography Composition
  3. Make sure the Light that Illumines the Object is Enough
  4. Don’t Use Digital Zoom, Closer to Object
  5. In Specific Conditions, Use HDR
  6. Don’t Shake, Hold the HP as Stable as Possible or Use Dreadlocks
  7. Understand When to Use Flash Lights
  8. Recognize the Shutter Pause
  9. Avoid Mistakes When Shooting Daytime and When Sunset / Sunrise
  10. Try shooting with an unusual angle
  11. Activate the Grid to Get the Right Rule of Third Composition
  12. Take as many photos as possible
  13. Clean the Camera Glass before Shooting
  14. Be diligent in taking pictures
  15. Activate Focus Peaking
  16. Use the Good Photo Editing Application
  17. Learn about all the exposure modes on the camera
  18. If possible, shoot in RAW format
  19. Give a Fair Filter Effect, Don’t Overdo it
  20. Try Using an Additional Lens (Add-On Lens)
  21. Install the Google Camera Application (GCam)https://www.kamerashot.com/tips-motret-dengan-hp/