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Here ,I will describe the function on the camera

  1. The lens is the main part of the camera that works together with the camera body. The function of the lens itself is as a reflection of the object to be shot.
  2. Grip which is the protruding camera part on the right and functions to hold the camera.
  3. The Lens button functions to release the lens on the camera
  4. Stabilizer button that functions to stabilize the vibration by the hand when shooting which makes the photos not optimal.
  5. Shutter Button Works to take an image.
  6. Flash Button This button is used to turn on flash on a Digital SLR camera.
  7. Dial Functions as shutter speed regulator (shutter speed)
  8. Display button functions to display the image we snap.
  9. Thumb-Wheel This button is the shooting mode button
  10. Built in Flash Light The function of this internal Flash Light is only to provide 1-way illumination
  11. Anti Red Eye The function of the button as an antidote to avoid the eyes look red when using Flashlight (Flash Light)
  12. Finder is a viewfinder that is used to view objects when shooting
  13. The LCD screen serves to display information on camera settings, to view the photos, as a viewfinder to see objects to be photographed (lifeview).
  14. The Navigation button functions to help control the program in the camera and move the options on the menu on the camera
  15. The AV button functions to adjust the aperture or aperture opening
  16. The Fn / Q key functions to change or switch functions on the navigation buttons above to the shortcut function
  17. Zoom button functions to enlarge the results of the photo and also to zoom in on the distance of the object when activating the lifeview mode when shooting
  18. The Lifeview button functions to replace or switch the viewfinder from the viewfinder to the lifeview that appears on the LCD screen.
  19. Menu button to go to the settings menu, while the info button to find out information about data including photo information.
  20. The Preview button functions to view the photos on the camera’s LCD screen.
  21. The Delete key functions to delete photos and other data in the camera