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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) has opened the option to implement trace tracking of the mobility records of patients under surveillance, and those under surveillance to corona virus-positive patients, (SARS-CoV-2), through cellphone numbers.

Director-General of Post and Information Technology (PPI), Ahmad Ramli said many countries had implemented corona patient tracking and tracking. Ramli said that he had coordinated with all cellular operators related to tracking track records through cellphone numbers.

“We are studying various possibilities. We are coordinating with all operators. We must move quickly considering that this condition must be addressed immediately,” Ramli told CNNIndonesia.com, Tuesday (3/24)

Contacted separately, Tri Hutchison has prepared corona patient tracing data. Deputy Director of Tri Hutchison Danny Buldansyah said the government through the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo) had requested a track record of the mobility of corona patients for the past 30 days from cellular operators.

In this case, the new Tri is able to provide a record of mobility for the past 14 days.

“We are preparing a kind of joint application. First, we will get the cellphone numbers of all people who enter the corona case. Then what is asked is how to see these people 14 days back,” Danny said.
Danny said all cellular operators had been invited by Kemenkominfo. The Ministry of Communication and Information has held several coordination meetings with cellular operators regarding the track record of this patient’s mobility.

“This track record is specifically for the Ministry of Communication and Information [the government] and not for the public. Operators will supply the track record data,” Danny said.

Danny said that currently, cellular operators have not yet gotten the cellphone numbers to be tracked. He said the special application “Kemenkominfo is under the responsibility of the Directorate General of PPI.

Danny also reminded that there are indeed some operators who do not have a track record of consumer mobility for 14 days. The track record capacity of each operator is different.

Contacted separately, Smartfren’s President Director, Merza Fachys said that his office was studying corona patient mobility data.

“We are studying,” Merza said.

On the other hand, XL Axiata is ready to provide corona patient mobility tracking data. According to Acting XL Axiata’s Chief Technology Officer, I Gede Darmayusa, until now there has been no request from the government for tracing.

“What is clear is that if the initiative was requested by the government, we will support it by our existing technological capabilities,” Gede said via video streaming on Monday (3/23)


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