A number of new cellphone launch events were eventually postponed due to the corona virus outbreak, including the iPhone 9, which was originally introduced at the end of March.

To the Cult(kault) of Mac page, sources from within Apple said they were forced to delay the launch of the iPhone to an undetermined(undertermen) limit. The reason, Apple is very worried about the worsening corona virus outbreak in California.

Plus the government of Santa Clara itself has banned all meeting activities which were attended by more than 1,000 people. The rule applies from March 11 to April 1 next.

But there are other reasons that make the technology giant from Cupertino finally made up his mind to delay the launch of his middle class mobile phone. Not because of stock.

Because many iPhone assembly factories were closed, it caused delays in production. Apple does not want when it has been announced, new product stock is not even available.

“Why is there an event when the product is not ready?” said the source. “That’s a pretty simple decision.”

He added that if Apple could better evaluate the component production schedule and product assembly, it would be difficult to determine the schedule for announcing new devices and their availability.

Apple is currently preparing a new initial schedule for all elements involved in its new product. However, it is not certain at all because it can change at any time.

Despite the uncertainty, the source said something interesting. He said that there would be two new products.

Unfortunately he did not specify the product in question. But referring to rumors, the possibility is the iPhone 9 and iPad Pro. iPhone 9 will be a mobile phone targeting the middle class.

While the iPad Pro itself will bring updates in the camera sector. According to the leak composition is not much different from the iPhone 11 Pro plus 3D ToF sensor for AR applications.