1. As we know that the development of information technology is increasingly growing. well, I will explain the development of information technology in Indonesia which is active on Social Media. Based on research conducted by We Are Social in collaboration with Hootsuite, it states that there are one hundred and thirty million Indonesians who are fairly active on social media (social media).The We Are Social report reveals that Indonesia’s total population reaches two hundred sixtyfive point four million people, while internet users are half of the population, which is one hundred thirty two point seven million. When viewed from the number of internet users, it can be said that all internet users in Indonesia have accessed Social Media. We Are Social says one hundred thirty-two point seven million internet users, one hundred thirty million of them are active users on social media with forty percent penetration. Another fact, the average Indonesian spends time surfing the internet with various devices for up to eight hours and fifty-one minutes. Meanwhile, the average is in the social media with various devices for up to three hours and twenty-three minutes. Regarding the speed of internet connection, We Are Social said the average speed for fixed broadband reached thirteen point seventy-half Mbps and the average speed for mobile broadband reached cross-point eighty-two Mbps.The social media platforms that are most loved by Indonesians, including YouTube forty-three percent, Facebook forty-one percent, WhatsApp forty percent, Instagram thirty-eight percent, Line thirty-three percent, BBM twenty-eight percent, Twitter twenty-seven percent, Google+ twenty-five percent, FB Messenger twenty-four percent, LinkedIn sixteen percent, Skype fifteen percent, and WeChat fourteen percent.