Hello Everyone…Welcome Back to my video. I’m Rinda, and in this video i’m gonna show you about “How To Make Digital Photo Lettering in Pics Art”. But, wait..What ia digital photo Lettering? It just like in my wallpaper.
1. First thing we gonna do is open the applications.
2. And then choose the photo that we want to edit.
3. Go to text tool, and type everything there. Here i Will type “Sleepy Girl” because the girl in my photo is sleep.
4. And then go to shadow and change the color into white, and set the opacity to 90-100, and blur into 100.
5. And then click eraser tool and brush itu into the foreground part.
6. And then click check.
7. The last step we gonna do is saving the result and you can share it in your social media too.

Okayyy that is my simple tutorial and thank you for watching my video. And see you