Hey guys this is ryan, in this video i’m gonna tell you how i edit this basic street photo that i took from prague a few years ago to this rich colorful vibrant photograph that looks professionally taken with the help of vsco, and in here i’m using the vsco x which is a premium  membership that vsco has. Without further ado let’s get started.

The first thing you’ll notice with this vsco x is, you get a lot of filters that’ll fill your needs, and i’m going straight thru the filter called G8, which has orange undertone and vibrant. And then i’m going through the settings, the first one that i have to do is set the exposure just about…. and because this photo is a bit dark so i turned down the contrast a little bit… then going to the highlight, i set it to … because i want the sky to be visible and not blown out… and i amped up the saturation… because this has lots of building, so i wanna get much details out of it… and this is the hsl settings which i do not use in this photo, but next time i’ll tell you what it does… and that pretty much it for the color grading part… it is very easy to use, and just the basic vsco its already has so many great free filter for you out there who would like to get a good aesthetic cinematic look photo.

The next part is how to make this photo looks good and intuitive for the instastory, so i’m using an app called “UNFOLD” it’s like a collage app but modernized and minimalist, so you will get a great result… in here i’m using the preset dw1 which you have to purchase it, but it’s cheap, i bought it for 15k and it has lots of choices to choose from… so i’m using the google search like layout, then putting a text over it.. type things that is corelated to the picture, cause it really have a big affects on the final result… and here’s the final result on how i edit my instastory. do you like to create an aesthetically pleasing picture, tell me how you do it on the comment section below… i’m ryan anarta, signing out, and stay minimalist!