So here I will tell you how to make a simple butterfly icon with adobe illustration.

First make a circle with the ellipse tool or by pressing the L button on the keyboard, then create a second circle that is larger than before and align the two circles.

After that copy and paste both circles by pressing “ctrl + c & ctrl + v” and place it next to the first two circles.

Then make a circle again with a size larger than the previous size and copy paste the circle like the previous step. on the menu above, select the window then select Pathfinder, then block all circles and then select divide and ungroup by pressing the right side of the mouse and then select ungroup.

And give color to the circle to make it easier when removing unnecessary parts After that remove the parts that are not needed and give a curved line as the antenna of the butterfly

Finally, give the color to the icon as you wish and the butterfly icon is complete.

Sorry if there is something wrong and hope this helps and good luck and good luck