How to Draw an EEPIS’s Multimedia Broadcasting Logo in The Paint Software

Hello everyone! In this video, I will give you some informations about design! Especially, we can learn about make an EEPIS’s Multimedia Broadcasting logo in the paint software. Hope you like it!

  1. First, open the paint software with double click. Wait for a minute.

  2. Second, choose square shape and red colour. And then drag the cursor in the workspace. Draw as vertical. Fill the shape with red colour.

  3. Third, choose this shape and draw like this. And then fill the shape with red colour too.

  4. Fourth, do step 2 and step 3 again. Don’t forget to fill the shape with red colour.

  5. Fifth, choose the square shape and black colour. You can draw like this.

  6. Sixth, choose the square shape. Then fill the shape with black colour.

  7. Seventh, draw the shape like this to form “M” character, which is contain “Multimedia”

  8. Eighth, choose this shape again and make a “B” character. This is contain “Broadcasting”. After that, you must choose the white colour and draw 2 triangles inside the “B” character.

Okay, it’s done! The EEPIS’s Multimedia Broadcasting logo is finish with paint software. It’s simple and easy for everyone. You can also save the picture in the tab “File”, and then choose “Save As” option, after that choose “JPEG Image”. The last step is give the picture’s name as your wish. You can check the picture in the document. And this is it. It’s finally done!