A Web browser is a program that uses the HTTP or HTTPS protocol to connect to a URI and display the information to the user, usually in the form of a HTML document with CSS and JS (but most browsers can also display static files such as images and movies directly and some also support viewing via FTP).

1. Goggle Crome 

Popular Browser by Internet giant Google. Focuses on enhanced performance of web applications. Hundreds of useful extensions can be downloaded for free from Chrome Store and can be used for personal use


A web browser designed for simplicity, security, extensibility yet flexibility and power. Constant updates, high performance delivered and customizable interface is a bliss for advanced users

3. Opera 

Constantly evolving and improving and the most popular mobile browser, Free fast browser with good support for updates. Features like page zoom and developer shortcuts allow users to have unique experience.

4. Safari

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple inc. Safari is a clean browser, very fast based on the WebKit rendering engine. It also has one of the best RSS-reading feature available online.

5.Internet Explore

Internet Explorer by Microsoft is the default browser for Windows operating system. There are a lot of necessary features like Active X capabilities, SmartScreen Filters, a list of recommended sites and more.

6. Slimjet

Slimjet is as good as Chrome, has powerful and customizable interface like Firefox, reliability features and in built apps which load a power packed browser everytime you use it.

7. Maxthon

A fast browser with a lot of features and reliable user interface. seamless browsing and downloads. Works on all platforms. Maxthon has Lots of nifty features.

8. Slim

popular choice for users who like speed and security. It is based on Internet Explorer’s Trident Engine and is a robust and powerful browser. It flaunts better usability features and speed compared to internet explorer browser.


Originally published by AOL, Netscape browser has released latest version based on Mozilla Firefox. It is fast, secure and is a choice of many users online.

10 UC

A popular browser for both desktop and mobile devices. Tabbed browsing and fast startup make it a popular choice for thousands of users. Full download manager and full screen browsing ads on nicely.