Top 10 Best Platformer Games in My Opinion 


  1. Flat Pack

This is what happens when 2 dimensions are combined with 3 dimensions. This game is one of the platformer games that gives each player a different playing experience. Because the point of view given in this game, it really looks 2-dimensional, where when other platformer games provide characters that are above the field, but in this game, the characters used are found in the field like cubes and so on (really in the field, not above, beside or under the field like a cube). In this game, each player will experience a different course, then each player must think hard about the shape of the field being explored. But calm down, this game will still make you feel comfortable and happy even if only with a casual game and platformer.


  1. Will Hero

This game that makes a new blend of platformers with idle is one game that has many repetitive game mechanics. Rarely are there games that combine these two genres, therefore “Will Hero” is one of the games included in the list of the best platformer games in my opinion. However, if a player wants a game where each player is asked to be intensive, this game is not suitable. Because in this game, players only by touching one finger continuously to run existing characters and kill existing enemies.


  1. Cat Bird

Have you ever known what it would look like if cat and bird were put together? Cat Bird, in my opinion, a game that really can make each player think very hard. With each unique asset packaged in pixel form, this game manages to spoil the eyes of each player. How come? even if we fail to complete one of these games, the player’s curiosity will continue to grow unnoticed.


  1. Adventure Llama

The type of art that I like, is in the form of pixels. The challenges presented in each level are so fun, coupled with the animals that are drawn funny. Unlike “Cat Bird”, this game can present more fresh and easy challenges at the sight of each player.


  1. Super Mario Run

This game is an evolution of “Mario Bros.” which was once famous in his day. However, in this game, the mechanics provided are so good, where players can only control the jumps of Mario character. Why is that? Because Mario in this game, automatically (set in the system) runs without stopping.


  1. Super Cat Tales 2

The mechanics applied are almost the same as other platformer games. However, with different types of controls. All characters in this game managed to enliven all the elements in the game. The advantage of this game is the type of art, where it uses flat design as its main art.


  1. Geometry Dash M

This game is a rhythm game, where a tone and rhythm for one level, become a benchmark to challenge each player. Many types of music genres are provided in this game. For players who like music, believe me, you will like it. Because the mechanics in this game are really well packed.


  1. Rayman Adventures

There is a platformer game that has been successfully packaged in 3-dimensional form. A game made by “Ubisoft Entertainment” made a game conversion from the PlayStation version into an android version. There are features that live in this game, where players can explore hidden places, which sometimes each player does not know. In addition, there are several abilities of each character that successfully adds variety in this game.


  1. Dan The Man

Dan the Man offers a platformer game with thick arcade elements, making this game very exciting where we can do various things that are not usually in the usual platformer games. The number of stages and the addition of unique stories make the game very interesting to be played by gamers who want to play a game that is fun but still comfortable and relaxed in playing.


  1. Super Phantom Cat 2

A platformer game with all its assets in contrast, where with such contrast, players can feel happy and entertained. Similar to the game on the previous list, this game also has a hidden area feature, which if the player is meticulous and focused, it will definitely be seen where the area is. However, in this game, there is an energy bar that contains 5 energies, and each plays a level 1 energy will be used, and for cooldown, it takes approximately 5 minutes for 1 energy.